Female Infantilization Of Men

In today’s entry I will be focused on female infantilization of men primarily within the romantic context.

To infantilize is to influence another into a less mature state. There are many ways, within a romantic context, that a woman can infantilize her man. Speaking to him as if he were a child is the first to note. This can come in the form of regarding him with an air of contempt and addressing him as if he were less-than, incompetent, or undesirable for being immature. The truth about this behavior is that this is a defense for the woman, usually to ward off vulnerability in the form of reliance on the man. Women are trained, by feminism and their own mothers, to think of themselves as independent and earners in their own right. This is a case of a self-fulfilling prophecy and has no bearing on the natural roles that men and women settle into when they abide by reality. Simply because a person can rebel against the natural order and then point to what they have effected, does not mean this can be a broad prescription that others should carry out.

To universalize female “independence” is to destroy the family unit and crater birth rates, the exact goals of the globalist conspiracy.

A woman will verbally infantilize man because to surrender to his judgment would begin to beg the question of how weak her father was to permit himself to be married to and used by a feminist. Since people who do not want to change strictly adhere to idealizations of their parents, the woman is pitted between shoring up the egos of her parents or choosing a new way that carries the risk of the unknown. Those women out there who have indeed surrendered to their husband’s good judgments have the responsibility to make the resultant successes known. Good women should not leave their untrusting sisters in the dark.

The other common example of infantilization of men perpetrated by women that will be mentioned today is the tendency of a fear based woman to isolate her male. She is in a traumatized state and views the broader world with an overabundance of fear. She will transmit this to her husband. A husband who comes from an infantilizing mother will have the unconscious loops in place to be hooked by his fear based wife. He will step out of “the hunt” of life and put distance between himself and his fraternal brothers on account of his wife’s rationalizations. In this sense, he becomes risk averse and an emotional cripple. He will adopt female negotiation tactics, most appropriate to the home, as his manner of dealing with men in the world and will come out the bitter loser.

Some women are afraid that their husbands will go out into the world and not come back to them. The trust must be established through gained experience of the man showing the woman, “Look, see, I’ve taken the risk, and ruin was not brought upon you. I did not cheat. I did not steal. I did not malinger,” on and on. A conversation should be had about the trespasses of the woman’s father against her mother. The pain must be relived, in a conversational dialogue and not as a repetition. Witness must be borne. Only then can a woman begin to accept and even prefer her husband’s natural hunting, wandering, protecting, and fighting instincts.

All good things come from the conversational, depth relationship.