There’s No Need To Hate Women

People need to separate women and the State.

They are not one in the same.

The State preys on women’s need for resources and women will vote themselves into monetary security at the expense of political freedom. Under feminism, the main people to lose their freedom are men – who are the majority taxpayers by a lunar mile. These are the basic facts of history.

Women are not fundamentally evil and if they were, why would we create a monopoly on force for them to flock to? It doesn’t make any sense.
I have yet to meet a person who has parented well who would say that their daughter(s) is fundamentally evil and corrupt. This just doesn’t happen. Moral problems arise in adulthood for people who were raised immorally.
The State incentivizes its own cancerous growth and women have historically always had to concede defeat to outgroups in order to not be killed when their men have been defeated. They have mated with the outgroup in order to keep their bloodlines alive. The State is currently defeating men. Women are flocking to the statist party – the Democrats. The math cannot hold forever. Humanity isn’t fragile. For every “play” that is set into motion by the statists, counterplays born of sheer human ingenuity are put into play by their opposition.

When you separate the State from women, you are able to have empathy for how they have been systematically targeted by every statist political theory and activist since people realized they could vote themselves into the Treasury.

This does not mean that women are fault-free. This does not mean that women are innocent of their guilt for driving humanity to the brink of World War III and megadeath by covert design.

What this means is that the weight of guilt for each individual woman is different. It means that if you make empathetic appeals to women before the university system clamps down on them and chews them up, you can make a tremendous positive difference. Women are mangled and spiritually disfigured by the culture and the State. If you see a way to offer a woman rehabilitation, you have empathy that can be mobilized.

Women have souls, just as men do.

Everyone poorly parented can be corrupted. Feminism is the great evil that targets women specifically. Feminism is not the natural operating system of women. It was designed by genius lunatics in the 19th century to target specific parts of the female psyche that are more susceptible to temptation, such as the promise of resources at the expense of someone else – distant and conceptual.

As resources are finite and definitely on the decline, the war between the sexes will become more personal. Women will flock to the state in record numbers and feminism will reach its peak crisis point in the 2030’s and early 2040’s. This will coincide with Boomer entitlements running out and dollar hegemony breathing its last gasp. We have a ways to go. It will be a bumpy ride down. There will be no “soft landing”. The convergence of catastrophes is exceedingly close now.

The best way to weather this Hell-fest of wasted human potential is to practice empathy, not be so personally threatened by women’s abstract and conceptual rage at men (their fathers failed them), and to help whichever woman you perceive to be receptive to reason and evidence.

Personally, I am sweet as molasses to women. It may not come through in my online offerings but it’s my in-person default. I have love for people who have been propagandized and whose parents failed them. I am not personally put out. I found the love of my life and want others to experience the same sweetness.
I am also as sweet as pie with men. I am a big sweetheart hugger. You see me online fencing with other men’s intellects but it’s not personal. It is how we stay sharp for what is to come. In person? I’m the gregarious, up front leader you have seen me be when crises have come to a head in the past. All hugs. All love. Talk soon!