I have offered a coaching service since April of 2014. By working with me, clients have gained:

  • rapid advancement in self-knowledge
  • increases in pay and career advancement
  • romantic love and a family life (high success with this)
  • self-responsibility
  • much more honest relationships
  • overcoming unconscious excuses

Self-starters who want to get real about their lives will get the most out of this service. A weekly or bi-weekly commitment gets the best results.

I possess Level 1 Certification in Internal Family Systems, half a Masters in Counseling (before leaving university for philosophical reasons), 2 years of mentorship with a world class counselor, and reams of other formative experiences toward this discipline. To be clear, this is a life coaching service not professional therapy.

If you need reference material for our work together, help yourself to a free copy of my guide Make Self-Knowledge Great Again.

Session fees are currently $80 to $150 USD per 60 minutes.

Sessions are conducted via encrypted video-conferencing software. You will need a stable Internet connection. All our work together is confidential.

The purpose of the work is to help you grow at all costs. If you are motivated, you will see change. Time to upgrade your life. Let’s work together.

Email me at to set up an appointment.