Coaching – Steven Franssen

I have offered a coaching service since April of 2014. By working with me, you will gain:

  • rapid advancement in your self-knowledge and social maturation
  • crucial feedback for improving your personality and your relationships
  • a methodology for arriving at complete answers to the biggest questions in life

I possess Level 1 Certification in Internal Family Systems, half a Masters in Counseling (before leaving university for philosophical reasons), 2 years of mentorship with a world class counselor, and reams of other formative experiences toward this discipline. To be clear, this is a life coaching service not professional therapy.

I work best with self-starters and people who want to get real about their lives.

If you need reference material for our work together, I recommend my book Make Self-Knowledge Great Again.

Session fees are currently $80 to $150 USD per 60 minutes.

Sessions are conducted via encrypted video-conferencing software. You will need a stable Internet connection. All our work together is confidential.

The purpose of the work is to help you grow at all costs. I am masterfully competent at this work. If you are motivated, you will see change. Can you afford to miss out on tremendous happiness and your life’s calling?

Email me at to inquire about future openings.


“After a string of disastrous relationships I knew I had to seek help from an experienced life coach in order to avoid repeating the same mistakes. Steven took a common sense and professional approach to helping me establish the self-confidence that would attract a quality woman. Two years later I’m married to a beautiful woman who is eager to start a family with me, and I’ve grown my business considerably during that time. My estimation of Steven’s services could not be higher.” –Peter, 29; Pennsylvania, USA

“Steven’s invaluable perspective, his insight, and wisdom never fail to enrich my life and help me navigate through difficult challenges. Whether personal, professional, or existential: no stone remains unturned. Unquestionably, I am a better person because of the work we have done together. I would recommend his services to anyone who is looking to live to the fullest, to increase confidence, to foster true connection in relationships, and ultimately, to make a lasting impact on the world! I would not trade him for any other life coach; he has seen the best in me and has helped me overcome the things that hold me back-he is irreplaceable and a one of a kind person who will help you turn your life into something worthy of awe, pride, and love.”  –Chelsea, 27; Maryland, USA

“Before I started working with Steve, I was lost and didn’t have the tools to grow. He’s helped me process my history and he always gives the most useful feedback on whatever thoughts and problems I bring to our sessions. It’s been a long and difficult process, but after 2 years working together, I’ve finally built a strong foundation with rich relationships and inner strength. We still have a lot of work to do, but our weekly sessions give me hope.” –Michael, 28; Ontario, Canada

“My work with Steven has been nothing less than transformative. If you’d like to grow empathy, courage and industriousness, improve your traction in the world, then Steven is the best coach I can recommend.” -Henry, 26; Manchester, UK

“Steven was a tremendous help in facilitating me as I got my career and personal life back on track.  He was a staunch and savvy advocate at my side, as I confronted difficult, essential truths about my own life.  He will give you the push the need, when you need it.
I would heartily recommend Steven’s coaching services, based on his integrity, intelligence, fortitude of character, and practical experience in the field.” –
Adam, 34; Texas, USA

“I seriously questioned the value of consultations until I started speaking with Steve. It turns out the value of the consultation has a lot to do with how good the consultant is. His nurturing and playful demeanor, broad and deep knowledge of psychology, and respect for his own continuous self-knowledge process made our time together as productive and enjoyable as possible. If you’re interested in therapy, but want to avoid the weird stuff, I couldn’t recommend Steve enough. I fall in love with myself and my experiences more and more everyday thanks in large part to our work together. I’m happily married, working towards an exciting and prosperous career, and plan on having children soon!  Thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do, Steve!” -Royce, 28; Missouri, USA

“I came to Steven during a challenging time in my life just looking for someone to listen and offer a few words of wisdom, but after our first session I knew he was to become my guide down the path to self-knowledge that I had been seeking for quite some time.  Steven was the first person in my life to give a truly honest opinion of his experience of me, and didn’t hesitate to lay down some hard truths when needed.  He is helping me free myself from a boring life of overthinking and busyness while re-introducing me to the fulfilling and exciting realm of feeling and living in the moment.  I have no doubt that the few hours I have spent with Steven so far will echo throughout the rest of my life and to countless others to whom I can be an example.” -Carl, 34; Ohio, USA

I have been working with Steven for a few years and have made great leaps on my personal improvement path. I have used his help to attain  better standards for life, relationships, and work in a way that creates new meaning and purpose. -Josh, 22; Canada

Steve was my beacon in the darkness when I was utterly lost. If you are stuck in the depths with no direction home, and while other counselors are trying to get you to mindfully focus on the present, Steve will look you in the eye and tell you exactly where your deepest truth lies. He is a philosopher therapist and I would recommend him to anyone who needs a strong male figure to look up to, curious about appropriate interpersonal boundaries or just plain lost. -Chris, 29; California, USA