Sam Hyde’s Bullying Skit Is Anti-Philosophical

There’s this skit from a popular right wing show called World Peace from 2016 that set the tone on bullying in dissident circles. Commentator Sam Hyde, who wrote the skit, plays a news reporter who prompts a school principal by saying, “So what you’re saying is bullies function as a sort of social watchdog.”

The principals responds, “Exactly, we found that bullies tend to sniff out the troubled or stupid student.” The scene then cuts to a bully smashing a student’s face into a window. The principal continues, “And make sure their sociopathic and bad behavior gets nipped in the bud right away before it can become a problem. I mean, you’ve seen all these school shooters: pathetic beta males who have no girlfriends. Just imagine how many less there’d be if they’d been bullied early and often.”

Sam Hyde then, in his signature move, points to the principal saying, “Early,” and finishes by pointing to the camera (signature move) to say, “and often.”

The scene then changes to a teenager giving his testimonial to Sam Hyde, who is in a whacky standing stance. “I was getting good grades and minding my own business but I knew that later in life, I was going to be a horrible person with all sorts of issues. Thankfully Nick (guy going around bullying people in the skit) bullied me into submission and I’ve learned to be happy.”
Sam Hyde continues, “Could this position on early adolescent bullying really be the key to saving lives across the country? I sat down with the vice principal to find out.”
The skit sort of flies off the rails into a kind of Millennial dadaism at this point. You can watch the entire skit here.

The skit is a clever piece of propaganda in that it presents the viewer, usually a legally dispossessed white male, with a make-believe world where his violent impulses are enshrined and he is able to create order by targeting nascent lunatics with violence.

This skit and much of Sam Hyde’s oeuvre has served to untether the dissident right wing from standards of reasonable, philosophical comportment into a kind of feral, might-makes-right, Nietzschean power seeking rabble. Bullying is, of course, awful anti-Christian cruelty, but when sold to a content-desperate audience by a hyper confident Sam Hyde and Nick Rochefort – the ethics no longer need to be considered. Bullying stops social undesirables. Why? Because Sam Hyde was really funny that one time, don’t you remember? Here’s some 8 year old Sam Hyde memes to help you remember!

The truth about bullying is that it serves democracy. The Hidden Hand in the Million Dollar Extreme skit is the schoolteacher. Since it is no longer popularly acceptable to assault (spank) students who won’t toe the Prussian schooling line, the schoolteacher busies herself with mocking and excluding the target students. Bullies serve as an integral part of the  school system, that is liberal-Democratic in its bones, by doling out the physical punishment that the teachers cannot. The bully spares the schoolteacher any bad PR while simultaneously being programmed by the schoolteacher on who to target. Teachers can no longer assault (spank) children because it would incite rebellion and unity among the students, along with their parents. The bully is the clever, covert release valve for elitist cruelty.

Bullying is getting the trapped children to fight each other.

Much to the contrary with respect to Sam Hyde’s skit, bullies do not benignly maintain order. They are a direct manifestation of the cruelty of the school administration and the teacher class. Bullies instill the climate of terror that is necessary for the school system to break and fragment the minds of students so that they will accept unreality. Sam cannot disguise this at the end of the skit when he is really pushing his message of violence (“make them all equal, indeed”) as unreality sets in and he begins to mouth a racial epithet before the camera cuts out. This almost on the order of spellcasting and most certainly it hooks in deeply to whites who have been bullied by blacks, particularly in the South.

Lots of men in the dissident right were deeply won over by this bullying skit, despite its sophistry. These men feel perfectly comfortable saying nasty, regrettable things over the Internet because, “Bullying works.” You could say this skit served as a kind of sociopathy training. Sam Hyde won a lot of para-social loyalty from his audience by attempting to portray The Misunderstood White Guy. This portrayal harkens back to colonialism and expansionism when White Man bullied the weak triumphantly and conveniently leaves out the Hidden Hand of fiat and its ever-pervading logic that allowed the predations to happen in the first place. Colonialism was a fiat money ambition that used White Man as its puppet on a string. It was never destined to be permanent as it was funded by theft and centralized finance. Aggression never breeds understanding.

School shooters, of course, are not made by bullies being prevented from doing their work. School shooters are predominantly fatherless, leaving them prime targets for bullying, and are usually on psychiatric medications and often are found to have had government handlers.

Bullying is supremely anti-fraternal and Sam Hyde’s skit is demonic in its lies and what it has unleashed in the world. It depicts a fatherless, Lord Of The Flies world where physical cruelty is a necessary evil. Midwit people immediately transpose this onto reality because TV is haha. Higher production values are legitimizing!

A truly courageous treatment of the school system would have shown the trapped children uniting together to overthrow the administrative class that is torturing them. Another courageous treatment would be fathers discussing with their sons how to navigate the anarcho-tyranny Commons. This is highly verboten!

Bullies are the most corrupt, as they become evildoers who have to believe the lies of the ruling liberal-Democratic order in order to continue anesthetizing themselves to the horrors they are enacting. They are false-self incarnate. They are demonic. There exists no justification for the continued existence of the compulsory Prussian school system and any attempts to highlight “benign” aspects of it, as Million Dollar Extreme did, is socialist art of the most broken window order.

The bully is the worst anti-reason thug and is in full service of the money lending, banking elite that run the fiat world. No amount of, “We need to change the elite to Christian cool dudes” coping will ever morally excuse aggression against innocent children. “Changing the elite” is the latest drain-time-off-the-clock pipedream that everyone is supposed to chase instead of Bitcoin-and-chill.

It is time for the trapped children to stop fighting each other. It is time for courageous art where children unite and overthrow their socialist torturers.

Bullying is humorous only to people who are beaten down and demoralized. Art should point to beauty or it is evil.