The Seeds Of Discontent

Discontent begins when bad ideas infect the home. The perennial example of this is the idea that women should be pursuing a career for fulfillment and personal affirmation. This idea originated in the human livestock farmers, who realized they could greatly increase their tax revenue by dislodging women from the home. The main push they made in this regard was through a marketing campaign aimed at employing women in munitions and textile factories in the Second World War. Think of it, the idea had to gain its legitimacy through a world war.

There are real consequences to women leaving the home to make some businessman more money. Children need a certain amount of attention. They need more than a working mother can provide. Time in the home provides integration, efficiency, love needs met, and general upkeep. These are all conditions that are necessary for the balance and harmony of the family. The more intelligent the woman, the better she will perform at creating these conditions. Lower intelligence nannies can never perform as well.

When children receive their proper amount of attention, they tend to want other siblings around to play with and gain security from. The more a woman works outside of the home, the less impetus there is to have a larger family. Larger families are healthier families. Smaller families are families with fertility or feminism struggles.

A woman does well to turn away the bad ideas spread into her personal life by wealthy bankers and their hired intellectuals, journalists, and political activists. She must understand they want her barren, unhappy, and dependent on state power. This is the way they gain standing in the world, as they are a parasitic force that create nothing of their own but simply exploit circumstances.

The seeds of discontent only grow in highly acidic soil. This is why the universities train women to treat men poorly. This is why the television always depicts men as cheaters, abusers, liars, perverts, thieves, and racists. Just as there was a big con job in WWII with Rosie the Riveter, now there is a con job with Joe Plumber being transformed into Joe The Jerkoff. To conform to women’s altered expectations, some men will contort themselves in an effort to catch feminist women on the backside of their fertility. This is a sorry state of affairs.

The most important thing a person can do to prevent the seeds of discontent from landing on their turf is to carefully filter the media and messaging they consume. This is one of the values of philosophy. Philosophy allows us to break down ideas down to their core essentials. History is helpful because we come to know who spread the ideas and to what effect.

The families that stay together are the families that reject the modern array of bad ideas being spread by bad, unhappy people. The world is littered with the corpses, both real and figurative, of people who pursued bad ideas down too far.

We need to find ideas that help us to lighten up, find love, build a wonderful life, and tend to the precious needs of children. These ideas stretch back far longer than modern banking. These ideas have stood the test of time. They been hidden from view deliberately by the wealthiest people in the world. Philosophy is the tool that allows us to unearth them. We no longer have to depend on what is floating around in the air.