Against Wife Simping

The political and economic condition of the West is of great worry to most people not born to the upper of the upper crust. Wages are stagnant, the stock market is a sham, the currency is worth less than Monopoly money (a collector’s item), and a radical demographic shift to a lower IQ population base is in full swing. This provokes a lot of stress in people.

A wife’s primary concern is with raising the children well and keeping an inviting, tidy home. To the extent that a husband permits outside stressors to cloud her psyche, a wife will react accordingly. The most honest women simply say, “I don’t want to hear about it,” or “that’s more than the bare essentials I need for situational awareness.” This is a lot of self-knowledge to expect from a person, too much in most cases (unless people do their self-knowledge before marriage). What ends up happening is that an “internal leak” in the family forms. A man has not done a sufficient job in shielding his wife from the spiritual warfare out in the world. She will react unconsciously to him. She will begin to manage him since he is not managing himself.

A man who puts too much, that is to say basically any, world stress onto his wife is doing it because he is managing his own fear. He needs an “outlet” for his trepidation. He’s afraid of wrack and ruin, so he needs comforting. He cannot take consolation in his own private spiritual life. He turns to addictions, obviously, but we are focused on when he turns to the wife.
The wife ends up managing the husband by alleviating his anxiety, which is the way fear is expressed relationally. The ways she manages him run the gamut but we are talking about behaviors that provoke simping.

The main two ways a woman provokes simping in a man are romantic and culinary. Romantically, she will do the equivalent of placing her hands on his jawline to turn his sight “away from the horrors of this world”. She will entrap him in a world of romantic escapism so that he will yield his virility and attention to her. This lessens his fighting prowess. If he gives moral and emotional sanction to her strategy, he is simping. He is saying it is preferable to be lost in love with a woman in order to cope with uncomfortable feelings that arise from a recognition of the awful war the world finds itself in. Such men become “wife coomers”. They use sex with their wives as a means of coping with anxiety. This is dishonest because anxiety means an underlying fear, which should be addressed directly and honestly through prayer and self-reflection. A woman abuses her power of influence in the home by seeing an anxious state in her man and offering him her feminine wiles as a salve.

In the culinary dark arts, a woman will “soften up” her man from his tense condition. The man, not his wife, knows best what his fighting edge is – the one he can maintain for the long run. A woman interferes by making the man delicious delights that will “fill him up”. He would do better to fill himself up with the insights and feedback of his fraternal cohort but instead he chooses cookies, cakes, and nummy drinks that wifey makes. This softens a man and pulls him out of the fight. His self-image will begin to suffer as he becomes 5, 10, 20 pounds overweight. He will no longer view himself as a soldier of Christ but instead as some benevolent family man who settled, nested, and has an “honest gal”. This is civilization-ending sentimentalism masquerading as some kind of virtue. He was fattened up and the slaughter is his loss of relevancy to the young, hungry men who have not women to distract them.
There are many other forms of wife simping worth discussing but we will save those for a future book!