Why I Am Retiring From Politics

I have offered up political commentary from Trump’s 2016 Presidential campaign up until the last month. I was particularly involved in politics in 2019 and 2020. Since 2021, politics has taken a backseat in my life with a small resurgence in 2022 before I began to deliberately phase it out since early 2023.

I no longer have any political affiliations, interest in politics in general, or any future plans for activism. I am retired from politics.

One of my reasons for leaving politics is that I am unwilling to stand between people and their bad decisions. I have been saying this for a couple of years but now I am living it.

The world is in crisis and we are only at the advent of a shortfall of competency. My main aim in joining the political fray was to improve circumstances for children. People have been generally uninterested or downright hostile. So I will find another way.

I wish the very best to anyone continuing on in the political mode, trying to bring sanity to an insane world. We are truly in an asylum. I have no beefs with anyone. Going forward, I will be limiting my commentary to philosophy, self-knowledge, relationships, parenting, and art. I’m going back to doing what I love and what I am best at. I have no politics anymore!

For anyone interested in joining me on this next leg of the journey, I’d recommend my Locals community. I have plenty more to say about my decision but you’ll have to get behind the paywall.