My Resignation From Cozy.TV And America First

I just did an exclusive livestream on this subject over at so while it is fresh in my head, allow me to put out a statement. I will try to keep this brief.

First of all, I want to thank Nick Fuentes, CEO of Cozy.TV, for the opportunity to stream to the website. The technical side of the platform is amazing and it was my honor and privilege to be one of the top streamers on the site. The best political commentary on the Internet is offered on Cozy, by many streamers. Also, I want to thank the fellow streamers I did shows and interviews with, for their company and all the fun. Lastly, I want to thank my 4000+ subscribers for all of the fun, their donations, and for making Cozy such an engaging place.

I left because I want to focus on and commit fully to philosophy, as opposed to politics. Cozy, as I see it, is for the advancement of a political movement. By walking away, I am turning down material gain, influence, power, and success in the pursuit of the argument, universals, and my true self. I am sure people in the movement will be angry, frustrated, annoyed, put-out, pained, or saddened by my decision. A lot of people also won’t care since the world keeps turning and I have been abundantly transparent for months now about my general direction. Many people will be relieved since my big fat butt was in the way 🙂

I want to own that I took a prominent place in America First during Trump’s Presidency and then did not deliver since he left power. I think it is very gracious of Nick Fuentes to have had me on the platform, seen me attain a high follower count and not pull my own weight in terms of attending America First events, and to treat me with as much understanding, respect, and patience as he did. It speaks to his leadership and why he will continue to be a great success.

For anyone who has a continued interest in my philosophy, I would like to direct you to I have no political affiliation, do not offer political commentary, and whatever standing I had in America First, I relinquish. I am going back to my first love, philosophy, 100%.

Thank you and I am confident this offers the finality that people have been hoping for.