Thoughts On Lazy Whites

The Chinese have a variety of nicknames for whites, including da bai which means Big Whites and baizuo which means woke white liberals. They’re going to have to invent a new nickname for entitled Gen Z and Millennial whites who want big salaries for little work. Lazy Whites.

Trending on TikTok right now is the term “lazy girl jobs”. The long and short of it is that more intelligent white people are rooting around in this zombie economy for jobs that require minimal effort for maximum pay. Since what semblance of a social contract that remained is now broken, most would argue that this is an astute play. I would like to offer some counterpoints.

First of all, a recent report from Goldman Sachs estimates that around 300 million jobs could be affected by AI, approximately 18% of the global workforce. More advanced economies will be more heavily impacted that emerging economies. This last part is key. The robotics technology just isn’t there yet to affect the work force in emerging economies. This means that heavily computer-based work will be affected by AI. Look at the list above. Yup, most of these jobs are going bye-bye. Nitpicking one from the list is not thinking. It’s just some emotionally defensive reaction, probably by a person who has a Lazy Girl job.

Another consideration to make is that, given the zombie economy, there is no longer the upward mobility that there once was when the dollar was strong and the taxation was much lower. This means that the ruling elite are no longer so inclined to the noblesse oblige that they once were. Small to mid-scale white men in charge of manufacturing facilities no longer dictate the cultural and economic terms they once did in America. Some of them “glowed up” and joined the globalist banking order. In this sense, all bets are off. So, all bets are off for upskilling. You are on your own. A college degree or higher training is no guarantee of upward mobility. The universities and higher institutions have become land trusts protected by endowments. They no longer reflect the spirit of a highly literate, industrious, inspired people. Therefore, if you choose a Lazy Girl job, you will find yourself in a pay cul-de-sac. You will be on a sinking ship with diminishing retraining opportunities and since your pay will be high, your monkey brain will tell you that things are good and you don’t need to desperately scramble upwards in order to not be phased out.

For as angry as everyone is at the liberal-socialists, you must remember: the economy is constantly sifting people out. The market is under globalist attack from a thousand and one points of light and yet still it staggers on. The elite have staked out their crypto positions while throwing out the smokescreen of CBDCs to dim enthusiasm. They know the score. Think of all the government positions that will be phased out by AI. AI isn’t something that will just affect girl jobs at Walmart H.R. or something. The elite know this and they’re playing for time, hoovering up one last windfall by spamming the “pandemic” button over and over again. They’ve run out of innovation. They’re running out of options. Their hired goons are quitting in huge numbers. The economy is mutating out of control. They know it. And still, the economy sifts.

People who think they’re awfully smart say it’s a VIRTUE to get a Lazy White/Lazy Girl job. They say that academia must be “infiltrated” and they play the clever Machiavellian. The reputation of the universities is gone, professorships are being phased out, young white male attendance is at an all-time low and going lower, and the workforce is shifting to industry-based apprenticeships. Such clever nihilists, is what they are, will find themselves out of luck and out of work – as millions of young, clever academia-bound PhD students have also found themselves since the mid-90’s. There are only so many professorships and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics keeps up the sham by saying professorships will “grow” in the next decade. Yet market-based think tanks give the field a C grade, at best.

Government insists upon itself, despite all market pressures to the contrary. Let us not forget the censorious, anti-free speech behavior that padded bureaucrats and Big Tech corporatists engage in the moment they’re dug in like ticks.

People must remember, there are new market forces that have been unleashed in the past 20 years that are never going back in the box. The global regime will launch a resource-wasting world war simply to force austerity and delay the inevitable for one more generation, if possible.

People who choose to chase the dollar doing meaningless Lazy White work for corporations that have been hollowed out of their original leadership and replaced by Indian cosmopolitans will contribute to this exact oblivion of the economy that has hundreds of millions feeling demotivated and sinking further into consumer debt. Drudgery begets drudgery. Only inspiration can guide the workforce to productive avenues of wealth generation. Who are the most inspired people right now? People working in crypto, AI consultants who wipe out entire teams, people with jobs that are not easily phased out by AI, and people with skilled labor jobs that cannot be undertaken by robots yet. Inspiration comes from respecting free speech and free markets. Getting angry at free markets because they don’t immediately apparently serve your autistic flavor of Whatever-Nationalism is just kind of monkey-brained.

This is not an argument FOR blue-collar-jawbs so much as it is a research-based argument AGAINST Lazy White entitlement jobs. No, you’re not doing anything important if your work-from-home job requires 5 minutes of clicking and two staff meetings a week. No, aspiring to a highly paid Lazy Girl job isn’t a virtue. It may be a necessity, given the zombie economy, but it is not a long-term solution.

Yes, most government jobs will be phased out by AI. Yes, seeking to help phase out government by employing AI is one alternative to Rural White Loserism of trying to out-spank the Pentagon with its orbital weaponry. Yes, the economy is constantly sifting people out and no American job is safe anymore. No, your learning isn’t done just because you have a cushy job and are snotty to me and feeling self-satisfied. Yes, it’s good to integrate AI into your workflow as soon as possible. Yes, easy money can corrupt your soul and this was basic, common sense up until about the late 1970’s.

The solution I’m positing here is to simply embrace innovation, learning, upskilling, networking, and maintaining a basic, pro-social stance when it comes to business. It’s kind of a poor, socialist person thing to lust after easy money and then squat on it like a jealous hen. I’m appealing to a nobler, pro-competitive ideal. After all, Asia has completely embraced the model and they are single-handedly developing the entire Third World to an extent that the tyrannical, colonialist European countries in their haughty arrogance could not.

There are new market forces at play, ones that can disregard notions of white dispossession and entitlement. They are the massive Asian workforce, artificial intelligence, de-fi, and cryptocurrencies. Robotics will eventually join their ranks, as well. These are pure tools that must be embraced and developed, not disregarded in exchange for some easy payola and butthurt self-satisfaction.

If the West does not make the change, it will sit in a good long timeout until it learns the lesson.