Against Rural White Loserism

Yesterday I was dismayed to see yet another Loser White anthem be astroturfed by every major media outlet in the country. The song is called “Rich Men Of Richmond” by Oliver Anthony. Google the song. It is being promoted by Fox News, The Washington Examiner, Rolling Stone, RedState, Billboard, The Daily Caller, PJ Media, MSN, Breitbart, Daily Mail, and Not The Bee.
This ugly idiot is not your friend.
The song is a man’s lament that “it’s a damn shame what the world has gotten to” because “rich men north of Richmond” are taxing working folks too much. This is retarded for a number of reasons. The first being is that rich people pay the majority of taxes. You essentially can’t Google this anymore because they’ve rigged the search results with a bunch of complaining articles about how the rich pay a lower rate. This somehow magically means they don’t pay the lion’s share of taxes. But they do. The withholding tax is a war on the productive. The productive are rich. The rich are being taxed too much. Yet this song perfectly serves the narrative that the rich should be taxed more. “They’re not paying their fair share!” the victims of mainstream media brainwashing will bleat.
Another reason to dislike this song is because it lacks the bite that South Park had like TWENTY YEARS AGO when the stupid hillbilly whites (a trope I dislike) were braying, “They took our jobs!” about immigrants. Immigrants are the ones milking welfare but the song doesn’t mention them. Immigrants drive the tax rates up by voting for socialism. There really aren’t any other points made by the song because it’s a song written for people with a 3rd grade literacy level. The song is more politically correct than South Park was 20 years ago. Yet it is being promoted by every single controlled opposition outlet in the United States.
This is what’s called a “release valve”. Every now and then they let Whitey have some impotent show of rage bubble up in the culture. Oliver Anthony is the latest to get the nod. A month ago it was Jason Aldean’s Try That In A Small Town getting the greenlight.
Another reason to dislike the song is the misery and privation inherent in the 3.9M plays and counting video. He’s dressed like shit. There’s a raggedy tree stand attached to a tree in the background. He’s singing into a cheap microphone despite working full-time and having practiced his craft extensively. He’s wearing some sloppy t-shirt and has a case of gynecomastia coming on. The guy is a whiny, low grade human. He is not worth emulating. He probably bitches at his job and whines about not getting his fair share all the time instead of upskilling himself and becoming more valuable to his employer. He may as well be wearing a tie-dye Che Guevara t-shirt.
Oliver has done the Devil’s bidding and now he will be handsomely rewarded with an ample recording contract. He’ll spend his money on stupid people stuff and you’ll feel pity for him like he won American Idol or something.
No, thanks.
Jason Aldean’s cringeworthy, fake tough guy anthem “Try That In A Small Town” essentially describes the various criminal forays of urban youth and then he grumbles, “Try that in a small town” while his drummer and bassist ham it up in their cop aviator sunglasses. This song got the secret society bump and was featured in every major media outlet despite its toothless nature.
The reason this song is toothless is because this type of crime happens in small towns all the time. Besides, it’s not some urban youths who got off on the wrong bus stop that rural people should be concerned about. The Department of Homeland Security is doing most of the legwork to destroy rural America, along with some choice help from Chinese and Saudi oligarchs. The “small towns” have fallen. Practically every single county Sheriff in America is a Freemason who will willingly federalize himself to the FBI when it rolls into town. The small town is gone. It is simply in a waiting lobby until the busses roll in with fighting age Africans and Middle Easterners.
We could also dip into the despicable Tyler Childers singing a homosexual anthem for gay West Virginian miners. The music video is replete with homoerotica and an actual “died suddenly” vax event toward the end. I wish I was joking.
This kind of drivel is musically retarded (seriously, Chinese children would laugh at how elementary the performances are) and it only helps to further entrench White Paranoia. When conservatives, who are boobs, are in the grips of paranoia and impotent rage, they can’t think critically about the nature of the legal legwork that needs to be done to eject the occupying force. Some t-shirt-wearing baboon Reddit-crying about “da rich men” just further entrenches feelings of despair, hopelessness, and literal erectile dysfunction in conservative audiences. Conservatives are suckers!
Music should be infused with hope, upward mobility, strength, courage, and triumph.
None of the tripe coming from “artists” such as Jason Aldean, Tyler Childers-Molester, or now Oliver Anthony has anything to do with this. These dipshits will lead to more white people overdosing on fentanyl and crying about inflation instead of attacking it as if it were a foreign enemy.
This is worth emulating!
Art should point to upward mobility or it is just Communist propaganda. There shouldn’t be white man “blues”. White man isn’t so powerless and stupid. And the few who are this powerless and stupid should be firmly held in check by more successful and intelligent white men. Life should be like the Gilette commercials of yore.

Oliver Anthony looks like a sloppy dipshit because HE IS a sloppy dipshit. He is not a culturemaker. He is not an artist. He’s a castaway who won’t upskill and won’t organize to peacefully and legally battle back an occupying force. He’s a useful rube and will happily side with Communists for a buck or two. He has no pride, just complaints. Jason Aldean looks like shops at Ross and his musicians look like dunces BECAUSE THEY ARE.
None of this is organic.