Why I Am On Strike From Politics

I have talked about this a good deal in my community at Franssen.Locals.Com but I have not yet delineated it in a free, public forum.
My reasons are very simple and impersonal but a lot of people refuse to process the reasons, I think because they would then have to apply this to their own lives – which would cause discomfort and perhaps even suffering.
My reasons are thus:

  • society at-large has gone beyond reason (loss of free speech; will-to-power world)
  • attempting to bring reason to politics is increasingly dangerous
  • it is self-sacrifice to care about people more than they care about themselves
  • at great cost to myself, I gave great advice via politics for years and there was no fundamental change in society (if anything, a marked decline)
  • I am on-strike from politics in the same way a doctor may simply refuse to treat a morbidly obese patient who refuses to help themselves

I went into politics because there was a bonafide opportunity to lift the lid on the corruption that was going on in the West. I stayed in politics beyond the loss of free speech because of reasons having to do with my personal history, which I have since addressed.

This is a simple line of thinking but some people will invent any kind of mental backflip possible to malign me so as to not process these basic reasons, which are universals and observable in reality by anyone. I welcome public comment here.

I have yet to encounter a good argument as to why I should remain in politics. I suspect there isn’t one. Threats and derision aren’t arguments. I’d be thrilled to get a great counterargument.

When you give people good advice and they attack you for it, you are freed from caring about them. If you’re on the wrong side of this equation, the only way to gain redemption is to fully apologize for having attacked the good advice giver and to best incorporate as swiftly as possible the good advice they once gave you. I am hard at work in this endeavor.