How To Make Decisions

In the past year I have made numerous big decisions, from leaving politics entirely to leaving whole social circles, and have yet still a few decisions to unveil or continue tinkering on. All the while, I have been grateful to have had a methodology for making decisions and I would like to share it with you.

A big decision usually does not occur to you suddenly. What happens is that you will conceive some interest or note some curiosity to yourself that strengthens over time. The way to feed this decision is to get as much information as possible. Study the subject from as many angles as possible. Field feedback from the people in your life. Consult experts. Pay for their consultation. Get as involved in the subject as you can. This level of information gathering will help you to deal with ambivalence, which is the surest sign you need more information.

I cannot stress enough the information gathering phase.

If you have to choose between two items or subjects, contrast the two against each other. Gather information! Steep yourself in the question at hand.
Once you are well and steeped, you will want to listen to a few things:
-your gut
-your conscience
-your dreams

Your gut will tell you to MOVE. Move in on the goal. Make the decision. The conscience (or soul) will tell you when you are at peace with moving forward. When the decision is in harmony with your highest values, your soul fills you with inspiration and you feel glad for the new sense of certainty. Your dreams will give you clues and nudge you along, helping you to see things in your information gathering you did not see before. Perhaps it’s a novel connection or something you missed.

Sometimes your soul speaks through your dreams and you are gripped by certainty and relief, knowing which way to go.

One thing to do with your dreams is to feed yourself the information before you go to bed. Many famous math equations have been solved this way. The unconscious mind is VASTLY more powerful than the conscious mind and will keep you moving in a forward direction, so long as you don’t dissociate too much in your waking life.

There you go: a methodology for making decisions. If you are unsure of where to begin, you’re having troubles conceiving an interest, live a sober, fit life and listen closely to internal signals from yourself. Your conscience is ready to guide you, if you will just stop with the distractions and fogging.


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