Problems With Motivation

The first place to check if you have problems with motivation is to look at the people around you. Are they unmotivated themselves? Do they shoot down your ideas and squelch your enthusiasm? Are they perpetual victims that stumble around from drama to drama? Do they suck the life out of the room whenever they’re around? Do they insist on being correct as if that’s the main mode of being? Such influences make it impossible to learn and grow, to do the necessary work to chase your dreams. You would do well to limit contact with such people and gradually over time find people who will not behave in such ways.
Another place to check if you have problems with motivation is to take a survey of your childhood and determine to what degree your own independent, enterprising voice was silenced by your parents. A lot of young people entering adulthood now were raised by people on the government payroll. Government employment involves little to no innovation, a steady paycheck at great cost to one’s entrepreneurship, and is generally an enterprise that has led to the great calamities now bearing down on Christendom. People involved in such a scheme usually want the same “security” for their children and will discard all of the personal growth necessary to be in a competitive, market oriented role. This will have affected you in outsized ways.
One more place to check if you have motivation problems is to examine the self-defeating messages you are repeating yourself. It is important to understand that messages find their genesis in childhood, usually based on your parents’ attitudes about you, and they are emotional defenses. These are not “slogans” to simply out-slogan. They are woven into your identity, in order to keep you safe from failure or embarassment or discomfort or less-than-perfection. When you understand how such strategies kept you from being picked at and put down by your parents, you will come to feel gratitude for the defenses and they will relax for you. Never “power through” self-knowledge. Take your time, be thorough, and reap the rewards of true rigor.
Demotivation is a vampiric drain and you must locate and isolate all influences upon you that steal your enthusiasm and follow-through. Only when you’re motivated can you do anything about your life, so don’t fall into excuses and rationalizations for keeping demotivating influences close-by.