The Intergenerational Importance of Validation

One of the primary things children need is validation. From a parent, this is the stance that what the child has going on is important and worth paying attention to. While every child needs this, it is also just logically true from the parent’s point of view. After all, is it the child who will carry on the legacy and inheritance of the parent.
All too sadly in today’s day and age, people have forgotten the importance of passing on wealth, wisdom, and property to the next generation. This is because of the television and public school programming put into the Boomer, Gen X, and Millennial generations. This messaging taught three generations of people to not save for tomorrow, have fun today, and the libertarianesque “once you’re 18, I don’t care what you do because you’re an adult!”
As a result, parents have not treated their children as part of a multigenerational enterprise, for the better part of a century. The results have been catastrophic. People’s disconnection from one another is leading to political totalitarianism of the worst stripe.
The change you want to see begins in the home. By providing your children with validation, which arises naturally when a parent understands and regularly affirms the importance of their children’s futures, the children will feel at ease in gaining competence. This competence will be a regular source of validation, affirmation, income, adulation, and security for these young people.
Validation contextualizes whole family lines, thus providing upward mobility and the stability that has gone completely missing from the West.