The Simp’s Disappearing Act

There is one tried and true attack vector upon man that has worked since time immemorial: his need for a woman. Man has a biological imperative to reproduce. His purpose in life is to replace himself. Therefore, if you control the women, you can break down the man. This is why every mass political movement desperately seeks to institute social controls, primarily in the form of the education of the young. If the girls can be indoctrinated in the preferred reproduction strategies of the political elite, unbelievable pressure can be applied to the rebellious males who seek competing social arrangements.

On a social level, I have many times been witness to the following sequence of events:

  • man seeks a connection to me because I espouse a philosophy of freedom and personal responsibility
  • man orbits and considers my content and content similar to mine
  • man meets woman using the powerful universals I espouse
  • man starts to harden himself against me
  • man comes up with elaborate, complex, long-winded excuses to sever connection with me
  • never hear from the man again nor see him in common social circles

Philosophy is oftentimes a thankless job. People find you, project their father onto you (take, take, take and barely, if at all, give), learn the bare minimum required to get a woman, and then disappear into thin air, sometimes trying to undermine you on the way out. Obviously, I do not condone this. The need in men to pair bond with a woman and have children is extremely powerful. Men are behaving, to an extent, in their reproductive interests when they engage in this pattern of behavior. I have learned to not take it personally.

Few men actually want to become philosophers. That is to say, they want to generate their own insight, wisdom, and meaning as the result of having closely studied and self-reflected for an extended period of time. It takes anywhere from 10 to 20 years to do this. Most men are blowing in the wind, hoping to score a woman. Their parents and schools have failed them in how to achieve this. Since my content is usually for intelligent people, such men can accurately identify in my content the strategies necessary to get on to the next level of life: the life of a father. The prospect of doing much more than that is not all that appetizing. You’re still allowed to reproduce without a license (“loicense”).

Most men generally don’t want to heal from their histories. They don’t want to reclaim their emotions from their childhoods. They don’t want to live in consonance with their subconscious minds.

Most men want to score some coochie and get on with making ends meet. They don’t see the value in getting to the point where you can generate your own wisdom. They reckon that if they can keep a woman clung to them long enough to have a couple kids, that’s good enough. They fail to see that if you don’t do a REALLY GOOD job in sorting out your history, using self-knowledge and dynamic, conversational relationships that I help facilitate through my various social media offerings, you will see fissures open up later that have tremendous destructive power.

There is considerable folly in doing the bare minimum.

The most common way that men pull a disappearing act on philosophy is through SIMPING. Simping is broadly defined as a man giving up his personal power and good judgment in order to curry favor with a woman for whom he has romantic interest.

The man learns the bare minimum to no longer be repulsive to women, finds one that will reciprocate his affections to an extent, and becomes BLIND to all the little concessions he makes to her. If you want a heavy dose of perspective on this subject, buy a copy of my most recent book The End of Female Evil.

The concessions amount to an unbelievable pit of despair and powerlessness that the man sets before himself. Who benefits? His parental introjects who root for him to fail. The money masters who want him lost in petty squabbles, manosphere abstractions, and the family courts. Anyone with a non-philosophical bloodline. Yes, philosophy has the power to take you from r-selected to K-selected, but it takes longer than just a year or two of some light reading and a middling effort at podcast consumption. Philosophy requires more than just having Le Based Politics. In fact, some of the people with the edgiest politics in the world can be complete retards when it comes to self-knowledge and virtuous relationships. All that time spent on court intrigue…

That initial hurdle of going from a zero to a dateable guy is not all that challenging. This is why there are thousands of dating coaches and manliness gurus who have sprung up in the past decade across America. Grow a beard, hold frame, don’t be fat, and signal some status. Yeah, you’ll get a woman this way. But that’s the absolute basics. I got bored of offering the basics with a month of hanging my shingle as a coach and public figure.

I get bored of most things I can figure out. Then I look forward to the next thing.

Most of the difficulty and challenge is getting people from that temporary self-satisfaction that comes from simply not being a dissociated normie anymore (with BASED politics) to an actual meaning-generating, self-sustaining philosophical being. And the most common hang-up I see is men simping for women. It’s revolting behavior but remember, it’s not personal. A man is simply acting on his programming. Where a person is not universalizing their behavior in a conscious-subconscious connecting manner, the person is simply acting on prior programming. The public schools and negligent, civilization-ending parents have been in charge of this programming. You KNOW it is not going to go well. But the man, in his shrewd manner, will stagger on and patch up holes in his misbehavior with his novice knowledge of philosophy. The ego can be a clever operator.

“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”
― Abraham Lincoln

The MOST IMPORTANT THING for a corrupted woman to do to one of these novice males is to sever his connection with ACCOUNTABILITY. That is what I and maybe a handful of other people on the Internet offer: crucial checks on the viability and health of the endeavors a man is engaged in. When you maintain a hefty dose of humility for the philosophical methodology, you are able to give others the feedback they need in order to return to an honest basis. The more committed you are to this methodology, the more consistent you can be in your feedback. Such feedback can save kingdoms, restore order, launch successful enterprises, seal lifelong marriages, and bring children up without abuse.

But look where society places its moral philosophers: at the back of the line. Right now the whole Spirit of the Age is warriors. Who can verbalize a cutting barb? Who can punch someone else’s lights out? Who can cut clever backroom deals followed by masterful press conferences? It’s all a sham. It’s all a jealous fight over dwindling resources in a dying, fiat system. There is none of the abundance that moral philosophers point to.

Women play their part by peeling men off into oblivion. But it is solely on the shoulders of the man who cut himself off from philosophical fraternity. He knows this, deep down, and you hope that one day he can look at himself in the mirror and recommit himself to doing right. The children he has, in the meanwhile, will be primed to repeat the Banker’s Death Dance. They will have been conceived in dishonesty. You hate to see it!

Made it this far? Do consider picking up a copy of The End of Female Evil.