• Believe In Your Dreams

    The earlier in life you conceive the dream, the longer the road. People are going to count you out. You are going to be mocked mercilessly. People are going to ape your appearance. People will sexualize you. People will litigate you. You will be persecuted by sinister forces. Your past statements will be fashioned against… Continue reading

  • Anything To Not Do The Work

    During my nearly decade long advocacy for self-knowledge, I have demystified self-reflection as some kind of mystical, complex discipline. This is abundantly apparent in my book Make Self-Knowledge Great Again, as well as in other books such as Peaceful Parenting, where I touch upon the topic. A popular modality making the rounds in psychology circles… Continue reading

  • Leaving The Land Of The Lost

    Self-knowledge and philosophy, terms I use relatively interchangeably, are harsh mistresses. There is no perfect guarantee that once we embark on a process of self-reflection that everything from before will remain exactly intact as it was afterwards. People struggle miserably against this fact. They struggle against their own conscience. Their conscience tells them, “This person… Continue reading