Pushing For A Soft Landing

Now and then I seem to have this effect of causing a huge uproar on the “dissident” side of things. Some of the somewhat smarter people involved in these uproars try to explain to me that this is me “not understanding” some grand strategy or even more lazily, that I am “needlessly infighting”. Of course, I don’t see it this way and doubt I ever will. The reason being, in every case I am simply making observations about morals and sometimes having a bit of fun with speculative inferences, given the evidence.

In rational times, this isn’t enough to descend upon a person in an angry mob.

I see that a lot of people have given up on the prospect of a “soft landing”. There’s this demonic lust rising in the world, a lust for violence and chaos. I think that the world garrison state is deliberately promoting more violent rhetoric, even when it comes to people who are visibly not “on the take” and would never consciously collaborate with the globalist state. Besides this idea of active promotion, which is harder to prove, there exists the basic fact that the censorship selects for either a deadening effect or a violent, sickening effect on people. Both of these lead to the same end and make people easier to control. The noblest people who actually backed up their ideas with good arguments were all run out of the discourse by 2020. Now we have this gross pit of bitter people who are more or less left unmolested, apart from being contained, and then this overarching “mainstream” consisting of people openly on the take and openly “partly liberal”. The gatekeeping is more intense than it has ever been. This is because a delay strategy has been employed by the regime in response to the effects the noblest people set in motion.

The angry, bitter ghetto exists as a release valve and then there’s the huge, feel-good, be lulled back to sleep mainstream. I believe the mainstream is being conducted and orchestrated by the CIA. I believe much of the angry, bitter ghetto is often just not self-aware enough to know the score and innocently works against itself. Admittedly, there are a whole host of anti-speech laws and leafletting laws going into place, even in red states such as Florida. It ain’t easy speaking truth to power.

There is no Aristotelian mean between the acceleration crowd and the “globalism with a pro-business front” crowd. The middle has been carved out and hit the hardest by censorship and some timely visits by secret police.

When I have this “uproar” effect on people, one of my theories is that I remind people that a soft landing is still available but requires immense deferral of gratification, the kind that very few want to practice anymore.
To the angry, bitter crowd, the prospect of a Trump means an unending abyss of hopelessness (as if this hasn’t come to pass already). To the CIA mainstream, it just means more paychecks and slightly more intense internecine competition.

I think another way is possible and I hold out hope for a soft landing. Surely, justice must figure in. The Joe Rogans, RFK Jr.’s, and Jordan Petersons are desperately working to prevent this as much as possible and to redirect populist resentments onto middle management types and fall guys. Surely, much of Trump’s refocused 2024 agenda is a sober and real appraisal of the actual political solutions America needs and notice how few of the current mainstream is taking up the cause. But he has less than a gambler’s chance of getting in.

So what is left in this scenario? It is best to spend time figuring it out now, rather than leaving it for later. This isn’t a loss of hope, altogether. This is the sobering reality of the situation. What can be helped? What can be done? How can we push for a soft landing when a hard landing creeps closer and closer? It’s too much to think about, for most. Yet this is what I spend a not inconsiderable chunk of my thinking time on. When I compete against some other person’s political vision, by expressing things in simple, brief sentences, I get this massive abreaction that tells me about the low confidence in other people’s politics. Lots of people are simply living for the moment or clinging to what influence they’ve garnered like it’s really really important to them that that influence not diminish in the slightest. This informs me of just how not-thought-through the idea array of these so-called thinkers is. But what do I know? I’m just a (insert fad insult).

A soft landing isn’t an ideology. It is simply what is best for the families of the world. That’s it. That’s all. Few besides me bear this in mind and they usually flavor it in some feminine way that is a huge turnoff. No, thanks. So I “get it” when the uproar people come around, even better than they themselves know.

That’s enough for now. For more, get behind the paywall!