Cortisol Addiction

Cortisol is the primary stress hormone in your body and it increases your blood sugar, curbs bodily functions that are non-essential for fight or flight situations, suppresses digestion, and alters your immune system response. From Mayo Clinic: 
The long-term activation of the stress response system and the overexposure to cortisol and other stress hormones that follows can disrupt almost all your body’s processes. This puts you at increased risk of many health problems, including:
Digestive problems
Muscle tension and pain
Heart disease, heart attack, high blood pressure and stroke
Sleep problems
Weight gain
Memory and concentration impairment
Most websites dealing with cortisol mention nothing about cortisol addiction or if they do, it’s listicle sites or ‘you’re gonna be okay you poor thing’ sites like Psych Central. Just take deep breaths and drink fluffyberry tea.
I am going to tackle cortisol addiction from a socio-political angle.
We all know that political regimes that are unjust derive much of their power from enacting events that will stress, terrify, and overwhelm the general population. Show trials based on unjust charges are meant to cow the opposition. Inflation, another word for “theft of the currency”, is a means of stealing from all people not directly adjacent to the money printer. Political psyops, such as the UFO hoax, are meant to frustrate and distract truth seekers from real geo-political adversaries. The media environment under an unjust system tends to fawn over the most powerful at the expense of the most just.
Americans today are under a sophisticated, all encompassing demonic assault meant to provoke in them all of the problems listed above from The Mayo Clinic.
  • Anxiety is how the emotion fear expresses itself in your body.
  • Depression results from impaired moral choices over time or the lack of availabilty of goodness in your environment.
  • Digestive problems relate with anger and having to swallow down constant afronts to decency.
  • Headaches can result from too much input about things outside of one’s control.
  • Muscle tension and pain can result from living in a lockdown, garrison society where real self-expression is spat upon.
  • Heart problems can arise from seeing too much suffering.
  • Sleep problems can happen because there are too many stressors provoking too much mental calculation or because of high blood pressure.
  • Weight gain can happen because one feels empty from a lack of spiritual nourishment, thus turning to food to nurse the wound.
  • Memory and concentration impairment can result from electromagnetic radiation and bioweapons that demonstrably remove 2-3 IQ points from a large minority of their victims.
Despite the all out assault on everyday people, value producers who simply want to get on with their lives, we have to find a way that is within our control to deal with these health challenges.
One primary catalyst can be cortisol addiction, meaning a person becomes addicted to this steady stream of constant disaster and doomsaying coming out of the various world government agencies. People think this isn’t possible but they have never considered the degree to which they are attached to the doom.
The recent global injection scheme was a giant IQ test for humanity and a majority failed. Now the adverse health affects are being confirmed by the injection makers and governments themselves. With this information, let us reassess just how many people are not only financially dependent on government, but also psychologically dependent.
Could disaster events become something to look forward to? Do people need a dopamine rush every day from good people being locked up, directed energy weapon wildfires raging out of control, violent anti-white crime running through the mind like a commercial would have 40 years ago?
Sure seems like it.
We all understand when a perpetual victim is a drama queen in their own lives. They bounce around from blow up to blow up, always blaming the other person. What if the people running government are like this? What if they succeed when they convince others to be held in the same thrall? What if “climate change” is just the death anxiety of the absolute wealthiest people in the world? Could be interpreted that way. It’s an interesting thought experiment.
If the source of cortisol is the electronic device, can a person go a few hours without it? A day or two? A week, perhaps? If the addiction won’t be surmounted with self-knowledge, self-control, and a healthy respect for limits, won’t the addiction bottom out or fly off a cliff? Will people learn then or will they double down once more on the cortisol? Was cortisol addiction even possible before the widespread distribution of electricity? Are we headed toward blackouts as a species? Then why spend the remaining months and or years gripped by a news cycle that yields nothing but degradation and real human losses?
Why not offer people a way out of the cortisol addiction after helping yourself out? Does every waking moment in life have to be spent consumed by an obsession over “beating the bad guys” while inner demons keep getting their supply? Can we strike up a healthy balance? Who begrudges and mocks us if we try?