How To Not End Up A Loser In Your 30’s

How To Not End Up A Loser In Your 30’s

The charm of youth wears off and people’s personalities become beholden to the habits they kept in adulthood. By the late 20’s, a person has fundamentally made their choice whether they will live truthfully and honestly or they will be a drain on others. People who are a drain on others are losers and they just get worse and worse each year they don’t sort it out. Maybe it’s never too late to turn it around but why tempt the fates?

Here are five ways to keep from ending up a loser in your 30’s:

1. Be honest
Nothing hangs worse on a person than dishonesty. It starts to show in the face by the 30’s. People with bad consciences end up having their faces harden into masks. However it is that they manipulate others to get by, that’s what shows up on the face. And in the body. Honesty means making difficult choices sometimes. Other times, it means being good to yourself when you want to be harsh. Honesty shows up in all forms but it is always a challenge. Our moral improvement is available to us ONLY through honesty with the self. If you aren’t honest with yourself, the skill will atrophy over time and it’s hard to get back. Good to keep up the practice. Change with the years.

2. Keep the weight off
Being overweight and being obese are emblematic of being a burden to society. You pull too many resources into your mouth and it’s ugly. Keeping the weight off doesn’t mean you have to be a fitness freak. A rare few people can get away with being overweight because they’re high IQ. Most people, by definition, are not high IQ. The great mass of Americans are overweight and not smart enough to get away with it. Being overweight sours your soul. You become pathetic, lazy, and an excuse-making liar.

3. Don’t be a conformist
Most people in America base a sizeable portion of their identity on their favorite sports team, on the media that is promoted to them, and on what the latest “popular” thing is on Facebook – the world’s sewer. People are happy to trade a little bit of their soul in order to virtue signal that they’re okay with Western Civilization’s march into oblivion. Not only that, but conformists cause terrible harm to others by tattletaling, sniping, bitching, and backbiting who the media tells them to. This comes at a heavy price: the loss of connection to their authentic selves.

4. Marry for excellence
Marrying someone is the biggest life decision you have before you. You want to marry a winner. With men, it means they’re confident, self-reflective, and capable earners (even if the taxman is committing highway robbery at every turn). With women, it means they’re curvy in the right places, are smart enough, and haven’t been corrupted by evil forces out in the world. For both, it means choosing someone of GOOD STOCK. Learn about a person’s background. Do they come from excellence or mediocrity. Somewhere in between? How are you? Are you roughly of the same level. Go for it!

5. Work for yourself
Being an employee is a sure path to becoming a conformist. You are always adhering to company policy, instead of your own gut instinct. The prospect of losing steady pay, giving up good health insurance, and being apart from others while you figure it out is spooky. But it’s even spookier to be some dweeb with a finely tuned LinkedIn profile who hates themselves.

There you go. Let it rip.