As children we are dependent on the emotional and material resources of our family to survive. If we challenge, rightly or wrongly, the norms of our family too much, resources can be withdrawn from us and we suffer. We do no develop the way we need to. We enter into adulthood crippled to some extent.

               The way a family regards a child who challenges the norms determines the difference between a conformist or a leader coming out on the other end. The media, schools, and culture arm children with ideological weapons with which to pry their families apart. The family has to contend with these challenges, either through the pressure to conform back to the family, through withdrawal of resources from the child, or through some methodology that will help the child to see through the lies of the world and know virtue.

               We must not crush down children. They will turn into adults who crush others down. They will harm themselves when others are out of reach. They will bog themselves down further and further into conformity, every new iteration of surrender bringing further debasement.

               The current state of the world is one of tremendous conformity. Those who helm the economy and employ the armed forces are the ones who write the rules. If a person strays from their arbitrary rules, resources are withdrawn from them and eventually they are punished with force. Seldom in world history have the rules of universal ethics and the rules the rulers been further apart.

               Conformist parents are dangerous because they shortcut the thinking of their children with easy conclusions, slogans, by debasing themselves and groveling before the rulers (humiliating their children), and by indoctrinating them with culture and ideology instead of the mathematical rules of Western thought – rules that made the world a safe, ordered, free, and inquisitive place.

               Conformists, adult to adult, are even more dangerous because they join the mob and rain violence and slander down upon those who will not go with the herd in its steady march to oblivion.

               People who have been abused must be remain aware in themselves the impulse toward death, lest they join the legions of people with low agency in their hive instinct to drag all people and standards down with them into darkness.

               Movements and groups of people who act in unison to free the world from the initiation of force cannot be characterized as conformist. These groups and movements are fighting against conformity. Their requirement for entry is independent thought.

The evil groups of the world feel morally justified in believing they are liberating the globe from “fascism”, “patriarchy”, and “white supremacy” but their agenda requires the initiation of force through new taxation, regulation, “cyber terrorism”, and lying to children through emotional manipulation after the children have been forced into public schools.

               Conformists are informants. They will inform to evil in order to ensure their flow of ill-gotten resources continues. Conformists, in their personal lives, keep habits that hurt them. They are addicts, liars, malcontents, socialists, degenerates, manipulators, rage-aholics, media junkies, nihilist atheists, consumers, and welfare-dependents. Each of these personal problems is the traumatized expression of wrongs that were visited upon the conformist in childhood, long ago.