Worldwide Tall Poppy Syndrome

One way to view world events is through the collapse of general intelligence, which has been ongoing since the 1800’s. The plentitude of the Industrial Revolution meant the wealthy far increased their birth control usage. The rise of the welfare state and feminism selected for lower intelligence and aggressive people. Now the world is exploding into chaos, violence, statism, and medical tyranny.

There is a shortage of genius now. If you follow the curve of innovation, it has plummeted over the past century. There are hardly any innovations anymore and the ones that are touted today seem a far cry from the leaps in advancement of the past.
Compounding the shortage of genius is the worldwide tall poppy syndrome that is taking place. That which grows too tall will be cut down in order to be in keeping with the rest of the batch. Artistic expression that searches too far is ruthlessly criticized. Value contributors are put on watchlists and are culled the moment they say something politically incorrect. The chaos of looting, petty thuggery, and street assassinations is legalized and lionized.

The way out of this madness is to select for general intelligence, once again. The peoples who do this have the best chance of surviving the worldwide violent revolution that has taken root. This is simply the non-sentimental fact of how the organized world works.
We want to encourage all people to do the right thing but we need intelligent people to do the right thing. Otherwise, we perish.
Genius should be celebrated. Not the kind that concerns itself with distractions and self-indulgent pursuits but the kind that reorganizes society and becomes a pillar for families to come forth once again.
It is the place of low people to despise success, resent moral achievement, and covet material wealth. We must shake off this low grade worship of violence and return our gaze to the sky above.