Thoughts And Speculation on YE24

Given recent revelations with the undeclared YE24 campaign, I thought I would offer my two cents. As I understand it, Ye has brought back Milo Y. as either a political director or some near executive position. Nick voiced his concerns to Ye about Milo being brought back and Ye forwarded this to a group chat with Milo in it, saying he liked Milo’s idea of Nick essentially being completely fired and disgraced – adding, “are you into being a remote paid advisor?”
It reflects quite poorly on Ye for him to bring Milo Y. back on, given Milo’s inconsistency, immorality, and general having it out for Nick Fuentes. If Ye can’t discern Nick’s innocence of what amounts to a bunch of name calling, how can he be relied upon to protect any innocent people in America? Beyond this, I am underwhelmed by the lack of formality and respect shown to Nick – to add him into a group chat and to say, “I like Milo’s idea” based on a letter dripping in vitriol and ill will.
I spoke up a few months ago and again about 6 weeks about being generally unimpressed with Ye. I don’t think he’s the genius everyone says he is. His IQ is at 126, which qualifies as “genius” for his race but is on par with many people I casually know and that of a middle range college professor.
I didn’t understand why “Sneako” (who has some admirable qualities) was being brought in when he barely understood what was supposed to be the core politics of what Ye had been saying on InfoWars. And “Sneako’s” rapid departure to Dubai from a supposedly Christian campaign was also a head scratcher.
I did not congratulate Ye on his “marriage” to Bianca Censori because it wasn’t a marriage and still isn’t. They aren’t married in the Church or by law. I am not an enabler and won’t lie about basic reality tests such as this. She is some kind of consort. Men who marry women who marry for power both end up hating each other in the long run. The surest recipe for divorce and extreme bad blood, as a man, is to marry a younger woman and rely on outsized resources and life experience in the process. Marriage is for people of the same age cohort.
I brought Ye GOLDEN FEEDBACK on the situation with his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, during a wild road trip to Wyoming when he lived there. I was given the cold shoulder and saw he was surrounded by many handlers. This was disrespectful and if he’s such the “visionary” as he’s ballyhooed to be, he would have taken the feedback in stride and thanked me, at the least. His entire truck reeked of marijuana and poor Cody, Wyoming had a bunch of Ye “interns” running around the streets looking like a youth gang with camera equipment. I saw this as profoundly disrespectful to the culture and people of Cody. How could such an insensitive person know the soul of America?
Another thing I really didn’t like was Ye saying, “Jesus is Jew”, which is not factually correct, probably flagrantly blasphemous, and just kind of a strange, We Were Kings Black Israelite Ice Cube thing to say. This is like picking up an idea at the barbershop instead of delineating a position as the result of great study and focus.
I do think Ye has a lot of courage but I think his lust is even greater and he needs female validation, given he and Bianca Censori are creating a line of “unisex” clothing together. The symbolism of a woman with pinup curves named “Censori” swooping in on an artist with great hopes is not lost on anyone.
I think I am unfairly treated by many people in my circles as diminishing Ye when it is he, through his poor choices, who diminishes himself. Sure, it is entertaining when someone strikes white lightning and goes off about world conspiracies and Benjamin Netanyahu, etc. but this is a person who is avowedly illiterate (apart from reading the Holy Bible and preaching from it like a Protestant). This is not a person with a strong core base of Western principles and values that will allow them to weather the demonic assault that comes from naming the evil that has taken up residence at the heart of Christendom.
It was a fun flash in the pan and now it’s over. I had hoped to see more. I don’t lay any blame at the feet of Nick Fuentes but I wish Vince James had been brought in, instead of “Sneako”. I only asserted this to Milo, which apparently fell on deaf ears with Ye.
I wish Ye the very best but I think in his late 40’s, it is too late for him to undo a lot of the scarring that his lust has done to his life’s work. I like some of what I am seeing from Democrat Robert Kennedy Jr. and some of what President Donald Trump is doing. I really only trust Nick Fuentes to see through his own political vision to full fruition, even where I differ in some ways.
The world needs more people who are well-versed in why evil is evil, not people who intuit it, speak out, and fall for easy tricks.
I am grateful that Ye even took the chance to speak his mind, at great personal expense, and to bring on Nick Fuentes in some form.