Women In A Huff

Due to modern expectations, social pressures, the sinking ship that is the modern economy, and a bunch of other stuff, women tend to get into a huff about things. Watch out! She’ll bowl/bull you over.

The most aggressive drivers I have ever encountered have been women in business casual clothing with a coffee cup from Starbucks in the cup holder and a cellphone in their hands. They’ll nail you, buddy. Take good care out there.

The “huff” is the hellstorm of cortisol, stress, anxiety, impatience, and frustration that takes over the woman who has bitten off far more than she can chew. Her thinking develops holes in it. She misses things. She snaps at people. She becomes a mean gossip with too much to do yet nothing to do.

The antidote isn’t merely soothing calm, as the woman decides from time to time. It is a man who can right the ship, offload the expectations (which is more complex than simply striking things from the to-do list), and set better limits with the outside world.

A woman in a huff is prisoner to pressure. Women were never meant to be in this position. It was a rotten, brutal thing to put women in factories and arms making so that the current banking order could be established. It’s time for these women to come home and relax. And don’t you dare keep a TV on in the home. That is a portal device to the world of expectations, Satanic aggression, and commercialized madness that drives women back into the huff. The best thing a man can do is help a woman out of the workplace. The worst thing he can do is leave her in the home unarmed against the evils of Netflix and unfettered access to Instagram. Better to keep her in the workplace where at least she’ll make some money for all the stress she gets worked up into!