Who Is Living My Life For Me

An ego state is a perspective we take on and experience the world through. Ego states are often emotional experiences but they are also to do with the narratives we tell ourselves. The quality of an ego state can be described as an outlook. We have many different outlooks. People tell themselves that their outlook is dependent upon circumstances and opportunities present but this is not always so. Some people make their own luck. Others make their own misfortune. This is to do with the ego state present at any given juncture. Factors outside of our control do color our outcomes, such as being born into a particular race, intelligence, or system of governance. Agency allows one to improve their own lot, despite whatever factors outside of their control.

We know well the outlook of a person who watches regime-approved media with its stories of uncourageous, unfeeling nobodies who have superpowers they use to uphold the liberal democratic world order. Such an outlook is timid, eager for approval, and prone to fits of rage when presented the regime-approved targets. There is tremendous confusion in the personality of a person who consumes progressive media. As the old saying goes, there is no progressive radio because any conversation beyond five minutes inevitably turns to critical inquiry – which progressivism cannot withstand.
There is no search for the authentic self going on in liberal circles. The few who proffer up solutions to Western yearning can only put forth egalitarian, bearded hippie myths of universal tolerance, miserable austerity, and drug usage. This is the false enlightenment of Lucifer.

We do well to examine our various outlooks. They can change even depending on what mood we wake up in, oftentimes because of the contents of our dreams. We embody certain attitudes and stories we tell about ourselves that serve us to some extent but the rate at which we work through these attitudes and stories can also be adjusted. Some lessons require time and patience. Others require separation, reflection, and then integration. Some lessons we’re simply stuck on because we need guidance and feedback. Outlooks should be tested from various angles before they’re simply accepted as the norm. This is the fundamental difference between Western Civilization and its competitors. Self-awareness is what allows us to discover and rediscover the truth.

Without self-awareness, we are set on whatever rails chosen for us by the story masters commanding the high towers of communication. Best to always take a chance on yourself.