The Poison of American Media

Earlier this year I watched the film Ride the High Country and was reminded of the warmth and candor of the actor Joel McCrea. He always had a kindly Christian countenance about him. Ride the High Country was his last film, apart from one other major role he came back to do 14 years later. I have a hard time tracking down the quote exactly but he left Hollywood out of disgust for the degenerate filth he perceived it to be putting out, even in that time. He retired to a big ranch and spent his remaining years with family.

When you look back at films from the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, the rudiments of evil were all there. American cinema was never free art, nor was it ever truly emblematic of the actual American cinema. It was always a propaganda machine run by evil people. Some honest films were made, maybe a total of a hundred of them. The earlier back you go, the less pervasive the evil was and you would only catch it in glimpses. As anyone these days can see, evil is fully expressed in American media now. There is no corner it does not touch.

There’s some fun in watching films from outside the United States from before the 1990’s when the American studio system starting making large overseas investments. You will see things from a different lens than the American Satanic complex of gradually and subtly denigrating Christian values until the frog is well boiled.

I feel an abiding love for Joel McCrea. He was truly a cowboy. I think he could have fought harder. Same goes for John Wayne. I think John Wayne was compromised in some way, besides his obsession with Latinas. He was a Freemason, after all. All of the McCarthyism of the late 1940’s and early 50’s turned out to be so much worse than anyone could have thought. What a terrible thing has been done to us through the media. There is so little love of children nowadays. People have to compete like vicious animals to get ahead. Where’s the coziness? Where’s the love of goodness?