Sophists (Nietzsche) Who Deconstruct Virtue

The most evil opposition to virtue does not come from those who are open sadists with publicly known death counts in their wake. These people usually flame out as murderers who can pick off a few before being apprehended. Sometimes they rise to the level of a tyrannical dictator and kill off a few million of their chosen enemy before dying from the kinds of medical maladies that always accrue to the malevolent.

The door for their crimes is opened by someone else.

The real sickos are the people who ape virtue, thus disarming the general populace. If you can convince a person that virtue is foolish or immature or base stupidity, you disarm them of good and can then program them with a host of depravities.

Of the modern philosophers, syphilitic Friedrich (“F*ckhead”) Nietzsche was one of the most successful at deconstructing virtue. His sneering, edgelord, nobody-understands-me sophistry helped to prime Europe and America for the slaughterhouse of the 20th century. Every Joe Plumber who got his hands on a Nietzsche book suddenly decided he was an aristocrat ubermensch who could disregard Christian morality when it suited him. This didn’t result in a bunch of hoity toity captains of industry who protected the precepts of English common law and spread security and prosperity through Europe. It resulted in the middle class turning kind of weirdo and sexual and the aristocrats turning really weirdo and sexual. After all, if everything is a struggle for domination, why not employ sex in the service of this end? Nietzsche’s syphilis word salad books helped sex perverts view their sex drives as instruments of domination, a far cry from the Medieval ethic of chivalry. This resulted in an explosion of Machiavellian homosexuality where the most aggressively sexual no longer sought family formation but instead used sexual ritual or sublimation to pursue the complex “technics” of Prussian statecraft. Only the horniest can rule! And what better way to control power-seeking perverts than to dangle underage hookers in front of them while you film them from a backroom?

In truth, the morality of Jesus Christ is a universalizing force in the world that does not greenlight excuses for will to power. Therefore, it is the most aped, deconstructed, and satirized morality in the history of mankind. This is done to serve the carnal delights of people who long ago abandoned Christian humility in favor of whatever nihilistic depravity set before them by their boutique, hipster sophists.

When people know virtue and can back up the certainty of their virtue with bulletproof arguments, such as the ones I espouse and promote, suddenly all of these loopholes opened up by clever perverts like Nietzsche don’t look so appealing anymore. Hell is real. It’s in our world now. It’s in the conscience of evildoers and abusers. When a “simple” person (so sneered at by ubermensch sex perverts) is able to provoke the conscience of evildoers, the world becomes a more just place. “CONFESS!” is The Law.

It is up to the philosophers of today to undo the damage that weirdo sex pervert vampire losers like Friedrich (“F*ckhead”) Nietzsche loosed into the world. We do this by bolstering the legitimacy of virtue and pointing the way to the Confession of evildoers.