Weightlifting Is Not Moral Heroism

A surrogate activity is generally defined on the Internet as, “an activity that is directed toward an artificial goal that people set up for themselves merely in order to have some goal to work toward or merely for the sake of the ‘fulfillment’ that they get from pursuing the goal”.

With the YouTube censorship of most anything right-wing and particular the more masculine right-wing elements, the last bastion of anything moderately masculine broadly available as mass entertainment on the free and convenient YouTube comes in the form of weightlifting and prepper channels where men fart around the woods with sponsorship gear. The Tree of Liberty has been deliberately pruned so that only the safest, most ineffectual branches remain. Since the vast majority of people (~98%) do not want to pay for quality content, they are happily serviced in their Platonic caves by what is most easily and readily accessible. Allow the PC algorithm to program your mind with two easy clicks!

Philosophy is about what is hidden and most people care not if the back end of their media programming is a minefield of censorship, political hit jobs, dark money slushed in from clandestine military black budgets, or corporate deals intended to squeeze maximum advertisership from creators who long ago gave up their humanity.

Weightlifting is in a kind of renaissance, as the result of rampant censorship. The bigger the man’s muscles, the more arousal and stimulation he provokes in his audiences. The heavier he can lift, the more sponsorships and clout he gets. If he bellows loudly after a potent lift, he is seen as a roaring lion.

Such men are spiritual eunuchs. Allow me to explain.

These men refused to speak up when their more masculine, courageous, and honest betters were cut down by political censorship. They were all too happy to lap up the market share. At heart, these are cutthroat profiteers who strut about, “grabbing the bag”, pretending as if the massive media numbers bestowed upon them by their money changer overlords are somehow legitimizing of the subject matter. The fools have rushed in, where angels fear to tread. Much the same can be said of the remaining dissident political figures who have cut their backroom deals in order to gain corporate access, advertising revenue, and some meager morsel of the appearance of moral authority.

There is hardly anything subversive or morally venerable about intense strength training and bodybuilding activity. The difference between these two is absolutely trivial but for young men in the scene, it is a subject of great import. Many tens of thousands of inane hours have been spent on explanations between the two.

In ages long past, a hardy, battle-ready physique was attained for the purposes of conquest or defense of the home land. Humans learned to associate a large physique with dominance and in a fiat, might makes right ruleset: the guardianship and power projection of the nobility.

Funny that we are currently allayed by a not too dissimilar male landscape, only any dignity and morality has been stripped, as homelands lay defenseless. These big men draw unbelievable caloric resources to themselves much the same way power addicts close to the debt printing apparatus of the Federal Reserve pull taxpayer dollars into their gullets. The message is thus: weightlifting is a great challenge and worthy daily hours of self-involvement and gosh, isn’t it so cool and edgy if the guy is a Joe Rogan-esque proponent of tokenized Stoicism or some physio-scientist super genius. Such men are complete and total cowards and that masculinity is attributed to them is a sick cave joke appropriate to the dazed mass of man-boys currently being prepped for yet another large scale American military engagement.

Weightlifting is a state-enabled mental ghetto for men who are too intellectually and philosophically lazy to sharpen their minds to a fine point. Weightlifting “influencers” are a THOUSAND times less courageous than the artist who dares to dream.

Behold the face of moral cowardice and Platonic abstraction.

The war masters lament the existence of a new vision of masculinity: a sharpened yet formless spirit of engaged resistance coupled with an expert knowledge of the nature of evil that has ruled the fiat world since time beyond memory.

Speaking as a person who was raised around weightlifting and has maintained a consistent regimen for coming on 24 years: weightlifting is essential for maintaining strength and a mind-body connection. It is true that all activities that promote upper body strength are frowned upon by the powers that be. But all too often the meathead tropes become reality and the more complex moral challenges lay unaddressed. Weightlifting in excess is fundamentally self-indulgent and men who center their lives in the discipline must be reminded from time to time that greater evils exist beyond “self-discipline” and hyper autismo social-avoidance technical bulk-cut dietary cycles. Weightlifting has little to do with the kind of interpersonal cooperation that unseats evil. Weightlifting does not inspire heroic art and in fact is all too often the death of heroic art.

Weightlifting is not humanistic. It is on the level of mewing, healthy tooth brushing, or not eating junk food. Salesmen involved in weightlifting oversell the activity. The West is in desperate need of group cooperation toward freedom-oriented goals. Weightlifting is not the path for social integration. Disregard its pampered gatekeepers! A reckoning with the nature of evil and philosophy for the proliferation of virtue is the main entrance into social integration for young men. Weightlifters in their false certainty and banker-ensured clout must be knocked off their cultural pedestal. In an overestimated position, they become a pox and a genuine burden to the moral improvement of the world. Vitamins and supplements will never restore to you the vitality you would attain from pulling jet planes down from the sky with the wave of your hand.