Feminist Disaffection

Feminism is liberal-Marxist ideology that posits “patriarchy” is a social system in which positions of dominance and privilege are primarily held by men. Feminism is fundamentally opposed to “patriarchy”.

The truth is that “patriarchy” is a made-up word, invented by feminists so that unhappy women could have something to be mad at. “Patriarchy” isn’t a thing. By defining their bogeyman as a “social system”, feminists have invented the idea that there could be an alternative – that women could fill positions taken by men. The truth is that there are no “positions” and there is no “social system”. Men simply dominate and carve out rights for themselves and their progeny out of the harshness of nature and the barbarism of the uncivilized, Luciferian world. This isn’t a “system”. This is simply what healthy men do. There are no “positions” because these are simply the instinctual things Western men do. So there is no switching them out. It doesn’t work. When you conjure up these sociological categorizations, at complete odds with reality, all you’re doing is attempting to steal from men through sophisticated language. Lots of men have taken the bait but many millions have not. These men form the backbone of the resistance against feminism, which is simply the work of the Devil.

The best way to not be infected by feminist disaffection is to have clarity on terms. None of their language amounts to much beyond separating productive men from their money. There is no need to dive into the feminist lexicon because all of it is a mind trap, specifically designed so that women will not escape its clutches. Feminism simply asserts female disaffection into existence and preys upon any woman foolish enough to believe the lie. All of the liberal smears against Christianity happen to apply to various liberal ideologies perfectly. Feminism invents the problem and then posits the cure.

The truth of the matter is that when men are healthy and evil is in proper check, everyone is marvelously and fantastically healthy, happy, secure, productive, and fulfilled. Far fewer people “fall through the cracks” than is depicted in liberal-Marxist media and there is no society more robustly capable of helping these wayward souls than the one populated by healthy, good men in spades.

Feminist books and sob stories on social media are ear worms. They will infect any who listen and lower their guard. Remember, there is always a civilized, Christian way of dealing with social ills. Jesus Christ never failed a single person and he never will.