Competition Is Healthy

In some circles there’s word that competition is not healthy but instead cooperation should be emphasized to children in their formation. This is silly conflict aversion masquerading as an ideal. The truth of the matter is that competition is an every day part of life. There are winners and losers. For any desired goal, there will be those who accomplish it and those who fall short of the mark. Western Civilization is finding out the hard way that there competing philosophies and worldviews that seek to undermine its notions of ethics, property, and religion.

There will always be competition, even in a stateless society where coercion is no longer monopolized in a governmental institution. Furthermore, degeneration is always real. It is always a temptation that lurks. There will always be competition against temptation itself, irrespective of the fancy technologies man develops for himself.

Competition brings the best out in a person. Those who were not raised in team sports or a more conflict oriented hobby such as debate, Model UN, or chess, seem to not understand this. These people seem to think life boils down to a person against themselves. This is foolish because a person can generally conquer their demons and then go out into the world and face down problems that exist outside the self. Competition does not have to be pure antagonism, butthurt feelings, and liberal pearl-clutching where everyone gets called “toxic”. Sure, this is a competitive strategy, and a nasty, feminine one at that, but competition at its finest is between two males raised in the Western, sporting tradition where rules are respected and a man’s mettle is tested within reasonable boundaries. Such competition was roughly known as productive enterprise, an economic concept lost in time. Capitalism is a rigged system where the moneymasters win, irrespective of which company is competition with the other.

As the currency degrades, the competition fades and is replaced by servile corporatism.

When a Western man has met his match in another, there is an incredible intimacy that is discovered between the two. Such men will mobilize their entire inner lives in order to best the other. Such lofty heights are the stuff of legends. Without the limiting boundary of Christianity, however, there is the seduction to go too far. Greed is the dominant ethos of America in modern times. This is because the game is rigged via the currency. So Western man needs all the more self-restraint when in competition with another Western man. The social order has been obliterated. Honorable sallies and ripostes are all the rarer. Things get taken too far. All the more adoration to the men who keep it mutually sporting between themselves. So few of our peers expect it. Restraint is noble but it is for Western Civilization, not the invading and competing worldviews that have come to roost.