A Gift To Your Future Self

I just finished up sharing the last of an $18 bag of macadamia nuts with my kid and felt particularly satisfied with life for a few minutes. I had kept this bag of macadamia nuts for a couple of months, waiting for a “rainy day” to eat it. My wife brought it out from the pantry two weeks ago and we’d all been snacking on it since.

I thought about how when I bought this bag, it was a gift to my future self – something to enjoy when the time was right.

Then I thought about the totally electric Michael Saylor interview that aired this week on Tucker Carlson Today. In the interview, he describes fiat and all asset classes preceding Bitcoin to have amounted to the same was “building with sand”. We have never before had a perfect store of value and so intergenerational wealth has been fleeting and easily stolen.

That’s a big zoom out but that’s why Michael Saylor is the man. He gets the big picture. I’m simply talking today about macadamia nuts and my undying, fervent zeal for their delectability.

You want to gift things to your future self. There are a million and one ways to do it. For my honeymoon, I went to Cancun. I still think about that trip at least once a week. It was a sunshine moment in my life. Or for example, I spent the better part of three years in my late 20’s rebuilding my shot mechanics to match Stephen Curry’s and when I catch fire now in my mid 30’s, the form has a noticeable effect on people’s willingness to pass to me. The painstaking thought, time investment in drills and posture work still show themselves sometimes, though I am out of practice with basketball in general. Or the choice to buy several copies of the same pair of shoes in order to be shorn for years to come.

There is always some investment you can make in yourself that will pay dividends down the line. What will you come to appreciate as you age? Who will you get to share your hard won advances with? How many macadamia nuts can you eat in a day?