A Safe Person To Talk To

We face difficulties in life and sometimes we need someone to turn to. We don’t need just anybody because people are in a confused state these days. They don’t know what constitutes respect and disrespect because they have no clarity on property rights. We need a person of good judgment who will weigh the faces accurately and give us relevant feedback in return.

The social environment is basically devoid of these kinds of people. There are exceedingly few love resources in a world that has lost the logic of it and no longer proffers it upon the most vulnerable.

A safe person to talk to is indeed rare. Takes a mountain of work to become a safe person!

A safe person does not pick at our flaws, nor do they side with our tormentors. A safe person knows themselves well and can distinguish in the conversation what belongs to who. A safe person has ultimate respect for true property rights, not the ill gotten gains of thieves, liars, fraudsters, and bullies after the fact. A safe person knows the art of listening and takes delight in the process.

There’s so much more than this to being a confidante. This is only a small part. These people are the only reason we have any semblance of a chance at a better world anymore. They should be at the center of our society, not relegated to the hinterlands and sunken places.