Trauma-Based Mind Control Parenting

The media is driving the world away from peace and into chaotic, ultra violent mayhem. Crime rates across major US cities are exploding. Communism has taken firm root in places like California and New York. Internal migration within the United States to safer havens has reached a fever pitch. Food insecurity is setting in as the currency becomes worthless. Foreign intelligence services operate openly within America’s borders. Everyone has adopted a warlord benefactor. Color revolutions are opening up right and left in the broader world.

Americans are having less and less children. Americans are less and less employed. The remaining children are having placed upon them massive psychological pressures by parents who have less and less control over the broader world.

Luckily for us, the homeschooling movement is exploding and parents are recognizing the absolute right of a parent to guide his or her own children above the interests of the state.

Yet, there persists this awful middle ground of failed, liberalized parents who are fully corrupted by the state and media and who will turn their children into trauma-based agents of mayhem and destruction in order to perpetuate the destruction. This is done along a number of vectors but the essential ingredients are the same in every case:
-extreme over-focus
-concern with elite performance
-engineered perception
-trauma management

This is the “I don’t change, my children change” style of authoritarian parenting. In order to mold children to take up positions of power within the state, a parent must be over-focused in the child’s life in order to dissuade self-directed learning. Since “I know better” means “I get to stamp out curiosity”, such over-focused parents will be molding their children toward ideological ends.

Concern with elite performance is necessary for the over-focused parent because a world without morality means that the intelligent have been weaponized against the unintelligent. Rather than appeal to people’s nobler motives and scale back the violence, many are going to “lean into” this combat and seek to give their children a fighting edge. A fighting edge is not to be confused with a negotiative edge. Battles can be fought out, avoided, negotiated, or a few other options. Some parents need to Venus and Serena Williams their children, setting them up for a life of material wealth but personal and spiritual estrangement.

Engineered perception is partly to do with not teaching argumentation to a child and instead instill them with martial strategies so that they will be the dog eating other dogs. People must never question the nature of the conflict because the conflict must always be assumed to be ever pervasive and ever present. Engineered perception is also to do with never showing the Emperor as having no clothing. The global elite must be propped up, by hook or by crook, because they are the benefactors of the future. Children will be taught to curry favor in their courts as freedom has become regarded as a failed ideal.

Trauma management is how parents keep their kids “in the fight”, not to mention the parents will do much of the damage themselves. They will harden their children through abuse and then tend to the scar tissue so as to appear nurturing and supportive. This strategy has already been mastered by the therapeutic, intelligence, and managerial elite living on the American East Coast. The children of the “Swamp”  are here and their hegemony is assumed to be forever.

It is not “pro-social” to enjoy seeking the company of sociopathic murderers who enact their crimes by fiat, legislation, and brute, covert force. These people will always charm you into thinking otherwise. They want your children. They need your children as sexual playthings and as cannon fodder for the internecine wars of the rapacious, vampiric elite living out their worst nightmares. None who rub elbows with these entities come out uncorrupted. Your ambitions will always be used against you by people who have self-selected to be two to three orders of magnitude more intelligent than you. You won’t outsmart them.

In an increasingly competitive world, it is unfair to deprive one’s children of performance strategies and an awareness of the game, as it is played. Yet, the future is not written and where great evil is mounting its effort, so is great good. You just don’t hear about it in the press.