Girlbosses: The Real Domestic Terrorists?

Imagine America has been taken over by a network of hostile agents. They have seized and redirected all of the resources in the economy to further fund their criminal empire. They have demeaned and subjugated the fighting age males. The birthrates of the nation have been kicked off a cliff. The future is grim because there is no future being built.

Such is the reality of the “girlboss” in today’s economy. These women are oftentimes the oldest sibling in an egalitarian household or a younger sister who was pitted against an older brother by egalitarian parents. Another way of seeing the “girlboss” is through the lens of overcompensation. These are women who are driven by deep inner guilt over their past wrongdoings and thus latch on to capitalism as the means by which they will prove to themselves they are no longer who they once were. Choose any modern endeavor, political, business, or artistic and you will stumble into a girlboss who needs the compensatory edge.

Think of the modern enchantment with women. Women can do no wrong! When they wear makeup and post pictures of themselves online, it drives everyone wild and conjures money. Women will do favors as a means of gaining power over susceptible men and then turn the tables on the man the moment a position of dominance has been attained. Women’s responsibility is washed away by the explanatory witchcraft of “purchasing power”. They do all the purchasing, so we have to listen to them! What a nasty hostage situation America finds himself in.

When will their reign of terror end? We may not see it in our lifetimes. The best women all recede far away into the background, never to be heard from again. They’re like the elves leaving Middle Earth. They leave no trace. There is no Joan of Arc to empty out the workplace of women. No pied piper who will play the woman’s tune and get them off of social media and out of positions of power over men. The hour is late and yet the West continues in this thrall. Who will break the spell of the girlboss? Consider all the tens of millions of children unborn. Think of the children. It is time for this hostage situation to be over. The girlboss continues on. She says to herself, “So and so is doing it, so I get to do it, too!” The nation grinds to a halt and death creeps across the land.