Toward Life Or Toward Death

We have a fundamental choice before us in our words and behavior: will we serve life with this or will we serve death?

People are under all sorts of terrible influences these days. They are told violence is highly stylistic and preferable. They are told submission to death is a great reward. They are nudged along into funnels and bottlenecks, like animals to be slaughtered. They are seduced by others who have submitted to death. They are given scapegoats to hate so that the voice of their conscience can be conveniently muzzled once more.

As a result, people buckle under this influence. Some give way completely and join the skeleton death dance. Some, a great many who are supposedly on the “side of good”, keep one foot in the grave and one foot in the march to life. But one foot in the grave is a sure way for necrosis to spread.

To walk toward life means to feel light on our toes. There are days when we are discouraged, for sure, but it is our work to overcome the voices of discouragement in the world and continue to walk toward life. We want to burden others as little as possible, to pay them for their time if they help us, or to pay forward their graciousness in some manner than fully honors them.

Sometimes, and oftentimes in the years to come, evildoers will pick off the innocent. They fly around in death machines, swoop down like hawks, and plow through the good many who have chosen life. We help those people as we can. It is a wicked arrangement. Too many people walked toward death for far too long and now the species is lopsided and vulnerable.

We do well to honor the innocent who have fallen. We have to choose life in the way we honor them. Evermore, life is the only way to beget more life. Justice only comes if enough people choose life. Justice is a ways away.

Covetousness, murder, false witness, stealing, idols, slavery, rape, adultery, all these behaviors lead to unnecessary suffering and death. Each of these have psychological, linguistic registers that billions are emitting in unison currently. Their horrifying harmonies are echoing through the world, amplified by machines and false moneys.

The voice of childbirth, love, good deeds, true justice, order, virtue, peace and reconciliation, plentitude, understanding and forgiveness, and beauty is still quiet but growing. More and more people step off the path to death and instead choose life. Will it be enough to stave off selection events? Sadly, no. The selection events have arrived. The hallucinations the past generations reverberated out into the world have become reality. There’s no sense in gazing into the void too long. It is present but there is another way. There exist yet many paths to life.

This entry serves life. So will the next thing I do. And the next, after that. That is the choice we all have before us. The time for spreading goodness is here. Go to life. Join others in life. What we must do to serve life changes every day. Listen to the sound of life and be informed.