The Wife Guy Problem

The term “wife guy” has been around since 2016. The NYT says that wife guy is defined as a man who married a woman and that is his personality, perhaps even his job. This is similar to simping, where a man gives up his personal power for the approval of a woman, but involves the marriage aspect. A wife guy is a simp on steroids because the simp is simply chasing women for approval but the wife guy has based his entire life around a woman. The New Yorker and Slate define wife guys as “the men who make themselves famous for things their wives did, or qualities their wives have or had.”

I personally don’t know any wife guys. There is a phenomena in the Mountain West states of oil and gas workers getting divorced and then marrying Filipinas or women from like Peru. Some of these guys could be considered wife guys as you can go to any state park in the summer and see them there, enjoying Filipino barbecue and self-erasing completely so as to fit in with a foreign family. Such men, not so long ago, were happy to foot mega-massive long distance and international phone bills in order to keep their green card wives happy. We begin to see a lack of standards in the wife guy’s considerations.

I have been accused of being a “wife guy” by someone on Twitter. They were angry at me for leaving politics and I get it, even if I don’t sympathize. Insulting me is a crude and unimaginative way to try to pull me back into political commentary but it’s not like tribalism always procures the sharpest tools in the shed. The accusation would seem to suggest that because I am married that my wife’s preferences have become my personality and my job. This is pettiness and rage directed at me for being willing to consider my family’s needs or to place them above those of my younger self, as if I had separate needs or am incapable of revisiting goals as I age. This person is projecting their anger at themselves for not being able to recognize a hopeless situation, thus painting me as a hopeless case. It is difficult to witness for all these young men who have never sired a child and who feel Hell-bound to some non-family endeavor. For young men pre-family, HOBBIES are of the utmost importance. These hobbies gain power as rationalizations, the more grandiose and ambitious they appear. There is nothing wrong with having massive goals, so long as they are not at the expense of family. Unfortunately, the “wait to have kids” mantras are heavy these days and coming from all sides.

The only wife guy I can think of is Stephen “Destiny” Bonnell. I engaged him in a kind of debate once on a Cozy.TV show and beat him in less than five minutes, leaving him uncomfortable and speechless. He based a lot of his life around a slutty Nordic wife who banged other men every time he went “on tour” to advance his SSRI career of being a whipping boy for the dissident right. I don’t know the details but sluts going to slut. I don’t care for crazy people and stay far away from them. His “marriage” blew up because she found a femboy type man to further her kink. Come to think of it, Destiny probably doesn’t count as a wife guy since he literally don’t change his SSRI personality one iota from before knowing her. I guess this is chad 🙂

When we think of the wife guy, we think of a man who has some bit of masculine potential. He refuses to realize his individuality. He cannot grow up, he is a co-dependent. He’s not a simpleton cuck, in the manner of Destiny. He’s the guy who goes to his wife’s sporting events. He’s the guy who proudly holds the iPhone while his wife records some inanity for TikTok or Instagram. He is out earned by his wife and has no intentions of changing the arrangement. He enthusiastically celebrates in the “culture” his wife creates in his life and out in the world, happy to melt away into her oblivion as time goes by.

Wife guys are the product of consumerist, narcissistic mothers who are ideologically possessed of historical grievance against men. Men were bad to women (“just look at all da wars duh der der”) and therefore women get to overcompensate at the expense of men. Women’s college basketball is the bee’s knees! Women are Amazonian Girl Bosses who get to step on men’s testicles with their high heels. Women’s pre-family hobbies are super duper interesting and of the highest merit. Those hobbies are The Way.

Wife guys can even be buff dudes who earn well and have lots of tough, masculine advice to give. But they overprize the individuality of their woman at the expense of their dignity and self-respect. They can do such silly things as elevate their woman to the position of a public advice giver. They don’t blink when she puts on makeup for other men. They experience that kooky hippie “compersion” (pleasure at another person’s pleasure) that I have made fun of Conor and Brittany for.

There are Trad wife-guys who think they’ve “tamed” their wives and thus let their guard down for baked goods and melt when they see their clown-faced woman in a Trad apron, nursing a baby and autistically listening to traditional folk music.

And we have yet to consider an IQ disparity in the wife guy’s disfavor…

There is a lot more to say on this subject but until then, please satisfy yourself with a copy of my latest book The End Of Female Evil.