Believe In Your Dreams

The earlier in life you conceive the dream, the longer the road. People are going to count you out. You are going to be mocked mercilessly. People are going to ape your appearance. People will sexualize you. People will litigate you. You will be persecuted by sinister forces. Your past statements will be fashioned against you. Your every move will be scrutinized. You will be written off. You will be told that your moment is over. You will be threatened. You will be robbed. The attacks will never end.


You can only ever have people around who have similar sized dreams and the will to make them come true. These people will burn like stars in a constellation you belong to. They will be fixtures in your vicinity, pursuing their own dreams irrespective of external circumstances. You will get along with these people, not out of pleasure but out of necessity and your shared values.

People will gravitate to you. These people will pull you down. These are people that haven’t pieced their lives together enough to have their dreams revealed to them. They know enough to know that you are in the hunt but they don’t know what it is for. These people are users because once upon a time, they were used, too. They will attempt to use you. You don’t need them. They offer nothing but distractions.

Since you do not need false people, you will find yourself alone, at times. In your solitude, keep the flame alive. You work on your craft and you build. Your alone periods may be brief or they may last years and years. It is not up to you to decide. Stay true to your dreams and your solitude will matter not. It is the dream that sustains you. Since most people are not well, most people remind you that you do not need most people.

Do not lose hope and do not listen to evil people. They exist solely to steal your energy. They are not creative. You have the power within you to create more than could ever be taken away. All you have to do is to keep listening to yourself. Listen to your instincts. Listen to your dreams at night. Listen to the people who truly love you and will never stand in the way. Keep going and never mind the bridges that burn behind you. Walk with fire at your heels. You can weather all circumstances if you keep your belief in yourself. Never give up. Don’t be so arrogant that you think you can tell yourself where your limits are. It’s not up to you. It’s beyond your control. Follow your dreams, no matter how far you range. Keep on climbing.