The Charm Of Nihilists

Nihilists are charming people. They go to extremes. They have a lot of success as entertainers. They are considered to be funny by most. They give levity but only to those caught in their snare.

The nihilist is a person who has given up on serving life. They are infected with some fundamental aversion to living fully and honestly, usually given to them by the poison touch of a parent whose spirit was broken before they chose to have children. The nihilist is in a death pose. Some of them still have the need to be social. They are the entertainers, musicians, icons, goofballs, etc. Some of them give up the need to be social and they become cranks who usually, but not always, gravitate toward state power.

Nihilists have given up on the voice in them, and in every person, that asks us to be born anew in exchange for salvation. This is probably the guiding principle of all goodness in the world. Nihilists, in their private delusions of grandeur, think they know better. This is their death pose, their insane logic. They are like carnivorous flowers that walk alongside the masses as they’re marched toward the death camps, time and time again.

Nihilists are important (to evil) in the early part of the civilizational life and death cycle. They’re vaunted as oracles and visionaries for their pessimism and indifference. They reflect people’s ugliness back to them but offer no path to redemption and improvement. They ape the powers that be and the masses feel comforted, figuring this kind of deconstructionism buys them more time. It does not.

Nihilists become a dime a dozen in the latter part of the civilization’s life cycle. As death approaches, more and more people choose the “outs” offered up to them by these carnivorous flowers in their death poses. The “outs” are coping strategies that allay one’s sense of impending danger. People need their survival instincts in order to save themselves but the nihilist disables these instincts. He busies himself with offering up distractions, clever human tricks, whatever will buy time.

Nihilists feel secret relief when they see death and decay. It affirms their inner lives. It is the environment they thrive in, until they are picked off by predators – which they have trained themselves to be numb to.

Nihilists charm in that they create the illusion that they are “non-political” and that they have not chosen a side. But there is only life and death. There is that that tends toward life and that that tends toward death. There is no middle ground, only the illusion of a middle ground. The illusion is the madness of the nihilist as he casts his spells. Careful of his vortex. Careful of the sweet scent of the flower that will slowly and painfully digest you over time. You will never cure the nihilist. He hates himself for his cowardice.