I have been in a tremendous null zone for maybe 6-8 months now. During this time I have experienced a lot of difficulties with my gastrointestinal health which have massively impacted my sleep for the worse. I have also been searching for a permanent home for my family as my wife is now very pregnant and due next month in April. The health issues and house search have left me mentally sapped, unproductive and listless, and generally frustrated. A lot of the energy I had to commit to the fight against globalism and the Left simply hasn’t been there when I’ve reached for it.

In the past two weeks I have finally figured out what was going on with my health and I amĀ starting to get a handle on things. A lot of my zip and drive is back. I am also closing in on some certainty with the home search, though it may still be a ways out of reach. Needless to say, I am relieved.

I write this entry for anyone who has perceived a general lack of engagement from me over this period. I simply haven’t been able to function at the level I’m accustomed to. Things are getting back on track. Thank you for your support!