There are life coaches, consultants, psychologists, and therapists in the mental health field who arrive to a bizarre kind of Communist Original Sin in their studies. They infect their clients with this strange brand of alienation and pull them out of the great struggle to advance civilization.

So what is it exactly that these people believe?

Did a Dangerous Narcissist fart in his sleep near you? Navel gaze while migrants flood the country!

They believe they need to constantly remind others that some people are not honest with themselves. They expend their mental resources in the hunt to root out lies that exist in their clients’ minds. They operate out of suspicion and envy. They rationalize away the conventional success of others as pathologies and hold the idea that they are more “authentic”. This is an extremely leftist manner of thinking. It debilitates good people from seeking truth. It is a fundamentally reactive stance to take in life. For these Commie gurus, everything is seen through the lens of childhood trauma. Nothing can exist free of childhood trauma. The glimmers and traces of trauma are to be cataloged in everything that occurs within the mind.

The truth is that these people are fetishists of trauma. They spend years and years stuck on the fact that parents are “toxic”. They build “narcissist recovery” YouTube channels, Facebook pages and online forums and weak people flock to them. Their focus on narcissism is their narcissism, their obsession. They become the pathologies they are so intent on rooting out in others. They are the Virgils who forget to resurface to reality.

I warn people away from these creeps. The fact that you were traumatized doesn’t have to be your main stance in life, the thing that defines you. Real healing work simply paves the way for proactive living, contribution to civilization, it is not the end all – be all.

How to Navel Gaze for 25 Years and Alienate Anyone Strong Enough to Rebut You

While these people navel gaze on the most minute details of whether people should be having children or whether some tiny memory a client went through where they felt slighted was in fact a massive trauma requiring hours and hours of focus, a real battle is going on. It is the battle for civilization with real stakes. There’s more at stake in this world than the fragile ego of some psychologist who read one too many Frankfurt school books or lost sight of the fact that Carl Jung failed to enact his findings on a massive scale. You don’t need to get into a “comparing enlightenments” ego game with these subpar psychologists. Simply avoid them. They are not worth the trouble and deep down they know it. That’s why they work so hard to push healthy people away from them.

Find philosophical and psychological authorities who are having tangible, geopolitical effects on society. Skip the losers and the rabbit holes they’ll suck you down.

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