Michael Savage had this great line the other day on his broadcast saying, “It’s time Trump became the person they say he is, an evil dictator. I, for one, would support him 100%”.

This is coming from a Bronx Jew, despite the Hitlerian reminiscences by the left.

Everyone is sick of the MAGA leadership resorting to hand-wringing. About the only thing left for a regular American sick of all the mass migration, tech censorship, and creeping socialism is to “call their congressmen”. Congress, of course, has its own agenda – to enrich the Big Business donors and plunder what little profitability remains in the country.

The Dems will run Biden or Sanders in the general and get toasted. Nobody trusts the mainstream media. CNN is getting record low viewership. The corporate media will push Biden or Sanders down everyone’s throats but fewer and fewer feed at the trough.

When will the hand-wringing end? It’s impossible to say. We can only hope Trump goes “gloves off” in his second term, as Steve Bannon says he will. Perhaps he becomes an “evil dictator”.

I, for one, would support him 100%.