12 years ago I was telling my father to stock up on silver and to back Ron Paul for President as only dramatic cuts to the size of the state would prevent Western Civilization’s downfall. I was 21 years old. I remember feeling fervent about the message of liberty. I went and argued against the hawkish campus Republicans. I didn’t articulate myself well because the ideas were all so new to me. Basically, I made an ass out of myself! Red in the face and everything. But I came away from that encounter and many others feeling as though I was doing my part to contribute.

It turns out Western Civilization is hanging on by a thread. I was right to move to New Zealand in 2011 when there was little to no economic recovery after the 2008 depression.

You hate to be proven right on these things.

But, I now have a great track record on things.

With the Coronavirus pandemic, as I write in mid-March 2020, I foresee hardship, sacrifice, and turmoil in the short-term. I foresee, in the United States, a nationwide shutdown of non-essential businesses. This is already taking place, state to state. On Telegram, today, I did some rough math and put United States cases of COVID-19 at exceeding 100,000 by the end of this month.

The Trump administration has done a decent job at stemming the growth of the pandemic but sharp, increased measures in the short term from here would rip the Band-Aid off and allow things to take their proper course.

We are on the fast track for an economic depression.

However, with good leadership and intelligent sacrifice by the American people, the ship should right itself faster than we realize. I am whitepilled about our future prospects.

This pandemic furthers the trends of general disillusionment with globalism, distrust in the media, and the enemies of mankind continue to expend their resources at higher and higher rates in an effort to stem the rising tide of nationalism.

Tonight I am advising all of my readers to take good care. Spend extra time with your family. Take good care of them! Make sure they’re fed, healthy, well-slept, and all that. Love your loved ones! Renew your bonds. Build up your kings. Look out for our older folks by minimizing your non-essential contact. Stock up. Get cozy. Time with your people means plenty of creativity, inspiration, and devotion come as a reward. Let us return to what made America so great: family values. All the mass entertainment, transport, and schooling is dying off. Not a problem if you’re rooted in family!

I will continue to create content for you that improves your family life, inspires you to take our nations back from globalism, and gives you a laugh here and there. I am committed to outlasting the tech giants, the cheap labor billionaires, the ConInc crapweasels, the milquetoast centrists, the radical left, and the dundering Democrat establishment. I am here for the long haul and I renew my commitment to you.

Thank you for your continuing support and interest. I have many new projects in the pipeline, including a new novel.