An interesting sight at the gym tonight had me thinking about the emphasis that is often placed on “assimilation” when it comes to immigration here in the United States. I saw a Mexican man drying his entire body under a small automatic dryer meant for hand drying. At one point, when he was trying to dry the middle of his back, he stood up too quickly and almost knocked the cover off of the machine. Person after person passed him by with looks of annoyance on their faces, I presume because they were displeased he was blocking their use of the machine. It was as if his childhood skills in river bathing find new life in a Utah fitness center.

This experience had me reflecting on the “little things”. There is a whole plethora of little courtesies, habits, and ways of respecting the personhood and property of others that seems to be fading as more and more foreigners inhabit our country. Literally right after I left the locker room and went back to the basketball area I saw a Muslim woman bring her two Muslim kids into the gym. They were maybe 10-12 years old. In the moments when the full court basketball game left the side of the court they chose to inhabit, they would take to awkwardly dribbling a soccer ball. At several points they were almost knocked over by the men running the court and twice their ball strayed into the game that was being played.

The social fabric and trust of a society is predicated upon the people of the nation maintaining a common understanding for common spaces. We can see the most glaring disruption of this in the comical trope of the middle aged Asian woman driving. She is a terror to the others on the road out of sheer incompetence and empathy blindness. Having lived in Asia for 2 years, I can guarantee that a woman like this fits in just fine because the men simply drive more aggressively and take more risks. Since Asians have a much smaller personal bubble than ethnic Europeans, the manic driving to compensate for the incompetent middle-aged women is simply a necessity and not much time is spent on the fact. Ethnic Europeans, however, don’t take to this kind of driving kindly and are prone to fights and calls to the police in order to cope. In Seattle, for example, no one is willing to culturally correct the Asian lady driver (let alone deport her) and so the local populace tears itself apart…in order to not be “racist”.

Amber “Pizza Jihadi” Nasim

It’s these little moments that count. In our litigious society, one of those Muslim kids could have been run over by a grown man on the basketball court. Then would come the lawyering up against the gym. A host of headaches and financial attrition would set in for the gym, that’s if they chose to fight the frivolous lawsuit. Just today a particularly hideous and obese woman named Amber Nasim in Texas caused a tremendous fuss over some pizza she ordered because the Domino’s employees marked her pizzas as “LADY WITH MUSLIM HUSBAND”. This was because he has medieval era Muslim requirements for his food that he chose to impose on Domino’s. Of course, she screamed, “Racist!” in defense of her minority husband. She did as any sub 120 IQ person who remembers the Roaring Lawsuit 80’s & 90’s would. Now she’s in the DailyMail, who is also crying “racist” along with her (never mind that Islam is not a race).

These crybullies rule America and they want to bring in Mexicans who will dry under hairdryers, children with Jakarta streetball manners, and Muslims who want to subjugate the pizza industry. AND our “American” culture enables them all to carry on as if they’re real Americans.

America’s culture is too weak and sick to support many more foreigners coming in and committing actual microaggressions (like hogging the squat rack, yell-talking in Arabic, and smelling like the body odor of dead ISIS soldiers). Will we grow a backbone, as a society, and reject these barbarities? Will we stop pretending merely speaking English and having gone through some government schooling qualifies a person as “American”? Time will tell.

I, for one, voice my displeasure.