I became a parent four days ago. I am still sorting out what I want to share publicly and what I will keep private. There’s a tremendous amount that I have learned through the whole pregnancy, birthing, and now parenting process that I imagine many will find useful, particularly given my point of view on the world. Speaking for both my wife and myself, choosing to have a child was the best decision either of us have ever made. The parenting and nurturing itself has come so naturally.

On a different note, my lecture seriesĀ The Road To Self-Knowledge has developed nicely into “Steven’s exclusive content behind the Paywall”. I am still keeping the series structured and focused within the original scope of the project but things have become a lot more… spontaneous and revealing. To those who thought this would be a rehashing of my book Make Self-Knowledge Great Again, I can say this video series has become a different beast altogether. I find myself loving the paywall because I get to say and do so much more than I could on YouTube and Twitter. This video series is similar to a person keeping a shitposting Twitter account where they say all the uncouth things they wouldn’t under their legal name attached Twitter, only it’s more productive than in most cases. If you are in to that sort of thing, pony up the $40 and get behind The Paywall!