Over the years I have seen a disturbingly high number of people calling themselves “therapists” on account of having listened to some Freedomainradio and reading some books on psychology. Some of them will say they’ve “done journaling” for x number of years and they go on to hit some basic points on emotions or empathy. Having spoken with many of these people privately or interacting with them on social media through the years, I can say that most of them fail my sniff test for quality. They stink! Not only do they stink, these people have serious problems integrating into society and you should largely avoid them.

In my work I have shed some light on some of the more advanced ways people manipulate one another. They learn a lot of these skills from psychology books that discourse on psychological techniques but fail to delineate boundaries in relationships.

At some points, Stefan Molyneux’s Real Time Relationships commits this very trespass, citing a contentious “speak truth to power” relationship between an abused young person and their biological parent as the template for vulnerability in friendship. Over time and plenty of conversations where people invoke, rather than self-resolve, their emotional states, a bizarre kind of defensiveness and combativeness sets in to people’s personalities. They become constantly ill at ease with themselves due to living in a “speak truth to power” dynamic with anyone who gets close to them. An unsolvable guilty conscience starts to form for these people because to acknowledge they’ve become perpetual boundary crossers is to be at odds with Stefan Molyneux’s teachings, a 160+ IQ genius who speaks with authority on psychological matters. These people fail to incorporate into society because they come up with strange, self-erasing justifications for their continued manipulation of others, all in the name of philosophy!

To the average person, experiencing a person like this is off-putting, counter productive, and especially annoying, since the “practitioner” has such a desperate need to transform the connections around him into “real-time relationships”.

To someone who has been through the gauntlet and come out on the other side, thanks to a clear understanding of what boundaries are, experiencing these people is boring and tiresome because of their bitchiness and small-minded self-absorption.

I occasionally speak about these so-called “therapists” because I have seen well-meaning, eager people fall prey to them too many times. I have seen from afar as people have lost years of their life on these “therapists” never to resurface and add value to the philosophical dialogue that is occurring on a societal level.

I’d encourage you to be aware of a whole bevy of options outside of finding some lost guru with hardly any content online who claims they successfully became their own therapist cause of Freedomainradio and are prepared to help you, too. It’s up to you how integrated into society you want to be and at what level you want to contribute to civilization.

Pairing up with a combative mental munchkin will turn you into a combative mental munchkin.

Stay out of the rabbit holes of emotional need the Internet is so chalk full of and find someone who is waging the battle for civilization at a high level. There are hundreds of people waging at a high level, most of them don’t offer services in any explicit manner. All the better, as they are achieving and competing – rather than navel-gazing in a time of great change.