Earlier this week, Trent University students conducted a “It’s Okay To Be Against Whiteness” event. Faith decided to attend. The rest is history. She posted the video to her Instagram. I decided to download it and put it up on Twitter. We’re mutual followers over there and she promptly retweeted me, adding 4,300 views to the 8,000 she got on Instagram.

This is an especially egregious example of the anti-white sentiments brewing within academic circles. The myth of “white privilege” is being perpetuated by professors who are exceedingly difficult to fire. The minority students, most of whom are not welcome in the West, are being radicalized against the majority. Unless the rhetoric from the left is deescalated and the mob is dispersed, there will start to be an avalanche of crimes against whites where the racial component is explicit. For the past few decades the crimes have been implicitly anti-white, the statistics back this up, but this won’t always be the trend as minorities gain more and more institutional power.

First California, then South Africa are coming to a state or province near you. Fight back against the left and their brainwashing media before they have full institutional control. They will systematically murder us all. They must be stopped.