Donald Trump Jr. and his wife, Vanessa Trump, are struggling through marital problems and friends say they are heading for divorce, multiple sources have exclusively confirmed to Page Six.

Vanessa and the eldest son of President Donald Trump married in November 2005 and have five children. But while they have not legally separated, friends say they have been living separate lives. (from Page Six)

This is one of those news stories that hurts to read. It may or may not be true and the “facts” of the matter should be considered hearsay until one or both parties makes an official statement or we see court filings corroborating the story. I felt compelled to write about it briefly because divorce is the ultimate destroyer of families. While divorce rates are falling, on the whole, such a high profile divorce is cause for consternation.

We don’t know the circumstances of any potential friction between he and his wife. There have been rumors that Vanessa Trump is “annoyed” with the Trump family and has issues with Donald Trump Sr. That being said, we can readily see that Don Jr.’s father is twice divorced. This is a learned behavior. Perhaps Don Jr. could have picked a more virtuous, substantive woman than the 10/10 Vanessa. Hey, perhaps she’s the total package and has a heart of gold. Such a prospect is doubtful.

Loyalty is a crucial part of a successful marriage. If Don Jr. has been unfaithful or abusive, we can sympathize more with Vanessa. If, however, she is upset and bothered that she married into a high profile dynasty, that she has grown weary of it, then our sympathy will go to Don Jr. When you marry a person you accept the prospect that they will potentially rise in status, power, and influence. Leaving such a person because you can’t handle the stakes or the pressure is wrong. It is an abdication of responsibility.

Whatever their circumstances, I wish Don Jr. and Vanessa the very best. Hopefully this is just hearsay. If there’s some validity to the news, I hope they can patch it up and save their family. This is one way Don Jr. would do best not to follow in his father’s footsteps. He has sons to inspire and give a new example to.

Update: Legal proceedings in the divorce commenced today with Vanessa Trump filing in a Manhattan court.