You may have noticed a big uptick in video content from me, from my YouTube channels to Bitchute and my RTSK lecture series. I’ve decided to make 2020 the year of video content, in anticipation of the Presidential election.

The Big Tech managers aren’t making it easy on me. I’ve been banned permanently from Instagram (for absolutely no reason whatsoever) and from Twitter for posting something critical of Muslims (which is based in fact). You’re really not supposed to criticize Islam on Twitter. It’s a big no-no, given their major stockholders’ religions.

am working on a comical novel. It’s been a lot of fun but I’m taking it at a slower pace than last fall when I was cranking out a book every 6 weeks. It’s just a pace I can’t keep going. I was losing too much sleep there.

I appreciate you stopping by my website. I don’t hardly ever post blogs here but I want to get into the habit. I need to build up my independent platforms more in the face of this liberal scrutiny and censorship.

Here are some links to my other platforms:


Telegram (most active here)


Book sales have tailed off a bit since I can’t promote through Twitter anymore (where I had 9,850 subscribers). Buying a book of mine is a good way to support me. Here are a couple of my most recent ones:

Coom, Consume, Comply

Torturing The Villagers

Hey, since you’ve made it this far in the blog post, I’m pleased to say my novel John Rock is getting a new book cover. Art by the talented Taylor Bailey, as usual. I’ll share the link to Telegram again once the book is updated.