tried watching The Killing Fields this past weekend w/ the wife. we both weren’t feeling it. sure, the massacres in cambodia are worth learning about.

but it was this gamma NY Times reporter haranguing soldiers to give him access so he could report on casualties. i’m sure it was an important role. i couldn’t get over how boomery all the ethics were. what a false moral scenario the whole thing was. like, a NY times reporter was supposed to be our “hero” and we were supposed to think highly of his publication rather than see them all as a blood sucking pack of parasites. obviously, i know that people in the 80’s didn’t see things this way. but it doesn’t change that things always were this way.

vicarious living through shitlib gamma journalists dedicated to teaming up with the military industrial complex to psychologically pulverize America’s former focus on family values and christian living. this reporter was just thrusting himself into the maw of Satan and GETTING OFF ON IT – winning awards and shit.

only tangentially related, it reminds me of those boomer journalists who went after the tobacco companies in the late 1980’s through mid 90’s. the culture had already shifted away from tobacco use. when it came out in the 1960’s that tobacco was harmful, all the smart people (one of my grandmothers included) threw their cigarettes in the trash.
the shitlib boomer journalists at the LA Times and others got to play HERO by “taking on Big Tobacco”. profits were already down at this point and the culture was shifted away, but because they got a big fish whistleblower boomer to break his NDA’s – they get movie deals and maaaaaaassive settlements – their lives set w/ nice professorships and big houses on catalina island.

vietnam is a fair bit different because of the Draft. but still, there’s a satanic dimension to these boomers crusading morally with a neolib mindset (disrupting the anti-communist imperialism of the USA or targeting WASP tobacco men for aiding in people’s self-medication)… and what is the cost?
-now we have Forever Wars in the Middle East that are deliberately obscured from a self-congratulatory media that actually eggs these conflicts on
-now we have total propagation of crack cocainne, opioids, marijuana, etc.

these idiots boomers went on moral crusades wholly divorced from the ethics of the catholic church and all they succeeded in doing was becoming personally wealthy and fucking over future generations.

the same thing goes for the Golden Generation and their moral crusade against The Mob.
-now we have FUCKING ISIS operating camps deep in the woods in the USA
-now we have Russian Jew mobsters running the East Coast (and they Yagoda-style slaughter anyone in their path)
-now we have child fucking Mossad operations across the entire country
-now Mexican cartels fire on Border Patrol and make billions drugging our children

not only is the Mob gone, we have paramilitary police forces with military grade tech running amuck, gunning American family men down for victimless crimes. great!
can’t have The Church or the Mob morally administering to our society. we just need more shitty government, egged on by dumbass boomer liberal journalists.