It was a productive year for me. I wrote four full-length books and a children’s book. Their titles are:

Dead West Walking

The Big-Headed Farmer

Fire In The Pines

Torturing The Villagers

Coom Consume Comply

Reviews have all been positive. At least three of these books will be available on audiobook in 2020. My hope is to build up a loyal readership and the way I see to do that is through delivering QUALITY every single time.

This website should be getting a facelift soon, so look forward to that!

Most of my platforms doubled or tripled in size in 2019. Welcome to everyone who’s new around here! 2019 was a lot of fun. I shed some old habits and old notions, took an active role in the fabled Groyper Wars against the Conservative Inc. establishment, upped my production value, and helped a lot of people through my private consulting practice. Thank you to everyone who’s been along for the ride!