Antinatalism is the philosophy that people should not have children. The justifications given for this pernicious philosophy include:

-the world is overpopulated
-humans are harming the natural environment
-if you have children you will abuse them at some point and that’s wrong
-whites have systematically abused minorities and should take themselves out of the gene pool

Antinatalism operates against some of the most intelligent people in the world by using their own conscientiousness against them. The justifications for antinatalism are complex enough that only fairly intelligent people can grasp them. This results in the very few intelligent people who want to do some altruistic good for the world taking themselves out of the gene pool.

Also contributing to this psychological poisoning of the best and brightest is that the most ardent antinatalists are usually radical liberal types living in major cities advancing their arguments in English. These are people who inhabit the most culturally, technologically, economically, and philosophically advanced societies in the entire history of mankind and what do they do? They poison the well. They shit where others eat. They piss in the stew. These cowards do not have the courage to go and advance their arguments in Malawi, Somalia, Uganda, or some other God forsaken place where the birthrates exceed 5 children for every mother and the fathers are emptying out of the country to rape white women in Europe and collect welfare.

Antinatalists do not understand why IQ is important. They do not understand that personality, and thus conscientiousness, is largely heritable. The most insidious, malevolent of them simply want to see less white people around so their own minority group can rise to political power more readily. These are evil, evil people to be rebutted, harangued, and ostracized every time they try to paralyze the best of us.

Damian Carrington is the sick fuck who wrote this article. He’s on Twitter @dpcarrington